Lingering night car side entry in sex position dictionary

In the process of sex, good sex skills and
sex positions women love will bring perfect
feelings to both men and women. A good sex position in
sex position dictionary allows you to
enjoy the fun of sex, and it will directly affect the sex experience. Then, the
three magic mountain sex position that men and
women must master, double the pleasure of sex!

1.     Soul mate missionary in sex positions women love

Although the missionary posture is almost
universally known, you may also be tired of it! But secretly telling you, it is
definitely a posture that cannot be missed to rekindle enthusiasm and intimacy.
This time,
sex position on top with one hand
stroking the other’s hair or face, and the other hand clasping his ten fingers,
the male superior, at the position closest to the woman’s face, slowly thrust
in while looking at her tenderly. Don’t miss this best moment of blushing
heartbeat! Even if you physically depend on each other closely, but sometimes
you are too shy to look at each other directly. This is a good time to slowly
have a sweet light kiss or a romantic deep
kiss with him. Remember to touch gently and make eye contact. Maybe, something
like the confession on the first date.

2.     Interlaced sitting female superior for magic mountain sex position

The second position invites you to sit up
slowly. With the girls in the
upper sex position, you can continue to look at each other
directly and touch each other through the moment of hug. Slowly move all the
way from the non-hazardous zone on both sides to the
deepest and most sensitive place. Finally, find an
appropriate time to climax and enter by sitting face to face vertically. At
this moment when you stare at each other, you will clearly see the eyes of the
other half gradually limp and intoxicated for you. This will take your intimacy
a big step forward!


3.     Lingering night car side entry in sex position dictionary

If you are greedy and want to occupy each other’s entire
night, then the third posture is to introduce a good posture that will keep you
awake at night. There is no regularized time and SOP (standardized procedure)
for sex. Who said that
foreplay, intercourse and ejaculation are necessary to achieve love? This time,
you can try the non-stop tease all night!

You lie face-to-face naked, with your legs crossed, while
kissing sweetly, rubbing the other half’s erogenous zone with your hands or
feet. At this time, he has an erection and the girl is moist, and you are
teased every nerve sensory. Let you spend a night of dreams and waking in the
ebb and flow of the tide.


Sometimes, although the always crazy and fierce sex is stimulating,
it is easy to do it and has no new ideas. The most delicate and long-flowing
sex position is often the one that needs the most
management. No matter what stage of your relationship you are in and feel
right, try these
three sex positions and talk about a sweet first love night in

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