3 rules of maintaining healthy relationships

She and he are in a healthy relationship

For men and women, it is not enough to
just love each other. Only by learning how to
healthy relationships with
each other can the relationship go long and
healthy relationships between the sexes
has always been a problem. Just as John Gray wrote in the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from
: “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Their ways
of thinking are fundamentally different. Only by understanding each other,
respecting and tolerating this differences, in order to experience more
wonderful fun in intimate relationships.” Therefore, to
correct unhealthy relationships and maintain healthy relationships,
the following 3 rules should be known to both men and women.

1.     Don’t
compare in other people’s marriages or relationships for maintaining healthy relationships

There is a paragraph on Quora I don’t know why, we
always think that other people’s things are the best. Others’ husbands are the
most considerate and romantic, and other people’s wives are the most gentle and
This paragraph sounds
very good at first glance. Funny, but actually very sad.

In life, we always compare ourselves with others. am I happy in my
relationship quiz?
Better than life, better than work, better than
marriage. And when you compare, you will always see your own misfortune and the
good of others. Especially marriage. Many people get married. After the couple
has lived together for a long time, both parties will not consciously compare
the other half with others. To hold someone else
s partner to be perfect, and to trample on your
partner for nothing. The book “Non-violent Communication” says:
“Comparing with others is the beginning of a miserable life.”
Many relationships and marriages break down from comparison. The
originally happy and affectionate partner is weaker than the feelings, and the
relationship falls apart when envious.

Marriage is originally a
besieged city, and the essence of the besieged city is cut open, but the
feelings inside are the same. Others have the romance of the past and the moon,
and you also have the time and peace. Everyone’s happiness is unique,
regardless of life or affection. In many cases, what you feel dissatisfied or
disgusted with is what others desire and admire. While you are envious of
others, others are looking up to you. Really smart couples will never compare
their marriage with their partners, pushing others up and down on themselves,
but cherish each other and satisfy each other. After all, people who are
contented and grateful are more likely to experience happiness.

2Work harder after marriage than before marriage for
maintaining healthy relationships

Marriage is the union of two people, a community of husband and wife. It
is that no matter what happens in life, no matter what is good or bad, two
people have to bear and take responsibility together. It is a major weakness of
human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. But in marriage and
relationship, the marriage between husband and wife is closely related.

As this passage says: “Marriage is like two people driving a car
together. If one person just sits on the passenger seat to eat, drink and watch
the scenery along the way, the other is always responsible for driving. Then
when there is fatigue driving, both Individuals will be in danger.
And in the married life, in addition to the
emotional basis, the state of the two people is more of a daily partner
behavior. Since it is a partner cooperation, the behavior emphasizes the joint
efforts, progress and dedication of two people.

Just like a sentence in “Jane Eyre”: “Love is a game. You
must always be equal and evenly matched with each other, in order to continue
to depend on each other forever.” Before marriage, it is one person’s
business. You can eat whatever you want. The whole family is not hungry. But
after marriage, it is a life of pots and pans, a place of feathers, trivial
occupies all of life. Therefore, if you want the relationship to last longer,
both parties must work harder than before marriage, be considerate and tolerant
of each other, and support each other to face the wind, frost, rain and snow

1.     Don’t fall in love with extramarital affairs because of loneliness and
for maintaining healthy

Regardless of whether we are in love or after marriage, we all desire to
be as passionate as in love, the feelings have always been vigorous and full of
passion and romance. I want to be accompanied by the other person at all times,
and hope that the other person will always appear in time when I need it. Like
the feeling of being cared about and cared by the other party. These are easy
to achieve in the love period. But in married life, many people will slowly
ignore these.

Because after getting married, the focus between husband and wife will
shift from the emotional needs of the two to the actual life needs of firewood,
rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea. The trivialities and troubles of life
gradually dilute the warmth and passion of feelings. So many people began to
look for new emotional sustenance because they couldn’t bear loneliness. This
is a very irrational choice of behavior.

The feelings that started because of loneliness will eventually be repaid
with loneliness. Only by truly understanding the true meaning of marriage, the
hardships of life, and being considerate of your partner’s efforts for the
family, can we know how to cherish, endure loneliness, and accept the ordinary
of life. After all, plainness is the main theme of life. Fate is not easy, and
staying together is even more difficult. Only when two people cherish the
ordinary but not mediocre feelings can they pass the test of the long years, so
that the water flows for a long time, and each other can be moist.

Marriage is not a perfect combination of two people, but a practice of two
imperfect people helping each other and slowly becoming better. Don’t compare
your marriage with others, work harder to maintain your own life, and don’t
betray your feelings because of boredom and loneliness. With these points,
healthy relationships is not a problem.

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