She needs ways to tell if her boyfriedns love her

Love relies on hormonal impulse, but a long-term marriage has to be
implemented in small details.
How to
tell if he loves you in bed
depends on 3 methods to tell if your boyfriend loves you.


1. When
loves you in bed,
he will hold you to sleep and
want to give you a sense of security

American writer once said: “It is a necessity of deep love between
husband and wife to rely on each other and hug each other.”

The double bed is the warmest place in a home, but more and more people
are accustomed to falling asleep holding their mobile phones. The two quilts
lie on their backs, cold and silent. If a man loves you or not, his body
movements during sleep will never lie. When a man is willing to use his arms to
give you comfort when tired, and peace of mind in the dark night. Hold you in
my arms every night, and spend my life warming each other with you. Don’t
doubt, he must love you.

2. When
your boyfriend loves you
, put down the phone and
want to chat with you

The most desperate thing in a marriage is the deaf-mute partner. The two
people on the double bed thought about different things, did not respond, had
nothing to say, like living in two different worlds. A man who truly loves you
always talks a lot. Because I have you in my heart, I don’t want to miss your
every bit, because I want to be close to you, no matter how tired I am, I am
willing to hear you say many trivial things. Share each other’s lives, and then
say goodnight to each other, or fall asleep deep in the nonsense sentence after
sentence. Mutual listening and talking also made the ordinary days lively and


1.     When a
man is attracted to you, he won’t leave and will protect you

a man loves you or not
is clear at a glance before the hospital bed.
Roland said: “When you really love someone, you will forget your own gains
and losses, you just care about the other’s gains and losses.” Take care
of you when you are sick, and never give up when you are desperate. It is a man
who pledges to marriage. Guarding is also the best evidence that he loves you.

There is also a sentence in “Sex and the City”: “How we
behave in bed indicates how we live.” It is actually obvious whether a man
loves you or not. People who truly love you can give you more than just
physical pleasure. Maybe he can’t speak sweet words, but he understands your
joys and sorrows, and knows your pains and happiness. Maybe he is not perfect,
but he promises you three winter warmth, makes you not cold in spring, and
gives you all the gentleness and care, doing it will always be on the road
earlier than said.

So please believe that there is always a kind of love in this world, there
is no intrigue, no conspiracy, no matter whether it is worth it or not. There
is also a man
loves you
waiting at a certain point in your life, waiting to spend the rest of
your life with you in a room with two people, three meals in four seasons. So
for the rest of your life, I hope you choose one person affectionately and keep
one person forever.

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