3 methods of testing your boyfriend love you or not

She is lying on the bed

writer La Roche Foucault said: “Love cannot be hidden for a long time, nor
can it be pretended for a long time.” It is true. Those superficial
loves are often unable to withstand the test, and those who really love
and care
you will always The evidence of loving you is revealed in the details. For
women, the man who puts you in his heart and say “
I love her so much” may not stick to you all day long, but he
real love care to you for the following 3 methods testing

1.     Love care: No matter how busy he is at work, he always
takes a nap to reply you

I once
saw a video on the Internet: At the Arab League-EU summit, the 64-year-old EU
President Juncker stood on the stage and talked about the peace process in the
Middle East. Suddenly, there was a hasty cell phone ringtone. I saw Junker
slowly took out his mobile phone from his suit pocket. After taking a look at
the caller ID, he said to the audience: “This is my wife’s call. I have to
pick it up.” This seemingly nonsensical move , but it won a lot of praise.

he made everyone aware so clearly that his wife is very important to him. So
you have to know that a person who truly loves you will never use
“busy” as an excuse for prevarication. Even if he is really busy, he
is willing to take a moment to contact you. Because his heart will always
remember you,
can hardly control the
urge to reply to you, and he is even more reluctant
to let you wait. Whether a man loves you or not depends on whether he will give
you the most precious thing. For people who are busy at work, time cannot be
more precious. The person who is willing to take time out of his busy schedule
to contact you will definitely be willing to treat you well.


2. Love care: Proactively contact you when quarreling

couple will inevitably experience quarrels, as the emotion expert Wenger wrote
in the book: “Even in the best marriage, there will be 200 divorce
thoughts and 50 impulses to strangle each other in a lifetime.” What
really opened the gap was not the quarrel, but the way to deal with it after
the quarrel.

 The most taboo between
is to impose all the evil words on each other when they quarrel,
and then they fall into a long cold war, and no one is willing to give in.
Therefore, please cherish it when you meet someone who will lower his posture
and actively look for you after a quarrel. Because in his heart, you are more
important than victory.

3. Love care: Ask for your opinion before making a decision

has a famous saying: “We love each other as equals because we understand
and respect each other.” In all happy love, you can find a man who knows
how to respect and love your partner. People who don’t love you enough often
forget to take care of your feelings. After dragging his drunk body back home,
he realized that he went to socialize again; I never remembered to ask your
opinion when I bought anything; when I asked about work, I never talked about

 Later, he began to sacrifice your interests
for the sake of face. What you think does not matter to him. One by one, love
is exhausted in such seemingly careless neglect. True love is to be proved bit
by bit with actual actions. The person who loves you will not regard you as his
accessory. You are his companion who spends his life together. He will consider
your opinions on all matters and small affections.

Love care is the most wonderful thing in this world. The
guy who loves you deeply will definitely make you feel his love.
And this love will penetrate all the anxiety
and noise, allowing you to rely on in the vast world. If you do not believe,
you can use thes
e 3 methods to test your boyfriend love for you.

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