3 manipulations in relationships for long term relationship

they are taking photo in long term relationship

is a saying: The only constant in the world is change itself. So, strictly
speaking, no couple can guarantee a long-term relationship. It can only be said
that we can do our best to maintain a good relationship without breaking up. So
how to manage our
long term relationship goals more so that it has a manipulation in relationships? There are 3 manipulations in relationships for long
term relationship.

1.     You should establish similarity in long term relationship goals

believe that the original intention of each couple is derived from the
similarities between the two people, with similar values, views on love, common
hobbies, and common topics. These commonalities,
manipulation in relationships, like a magnet attracting two irrelevant
people at once. You may feel that you have found resonance because he loves
literature, and he may feel that you have found a friend because you like music
long term

should maintain the frequency at least once a week and do what you like
together. If you all love fitness, then go to the gym together on weekends; if
you all love food, then go to a good restaurant for a big meal; if you all love
reading, then go to the bookstore together. Of course, if you do not have a common hobby, you can use your common ground to slowly
in relationships
For example, if you all like sports, you can go mountain climbing together; if
you are all literary, you can go hand-made together; if you all love movies,
you can go to a movie together.

2.     You should maintain complementarities in long term relationship goals

If the
original intention of love begins with commonality, then it is the complementarities
of two people that keeps love for
manipulation in relationships for  a long
time. At first, you may be attracted to each other because of the similarities
between the two people, but slowly, you may feel that looking at each other is
like looking at yourself in a mirror. Over time, all that is left is plain and
boring. In fact, the most ideal relationship is “what I want, you just
have it”, which
is manipulation in relationships.
When you eat eggs, you like egg whites, but he only likes egg yolks; he is not
good at financial management, so you just know how to plan carefully; if you
are not good at cooking, he is careful at home in
long term relationship.

The complementarities
between you will act like an adhesive, sticking the two of you together firmly.
If you are very complementary to each other, of course it’s good, but if you
haven’t found the complement between the two of you so far, then please pay
attention, prepare your small books, and the editor will teach you one to
quickly help you find complements
manipulation in relationships. Point the trick. In daily life,
deliberately or unintentionally ask what qualities your partner most
hopes to have in long term

3.     You should never forget to praise each other in long term relationship goals

two people have been together for a long time, many times you will forget the
shining points that they originally attracted you, and feel that everything is
taken for granted and plain. Therefore, in the later stages of love, we rarely
praise each other or even blindly deny each other for
manipulation in relationships. This way over time will not only cause your
significant other to accumulate a lot of negative emotions, but will also keep
suggesting that you are bad and that Jin is not worth loving. Research shows
that humiliation and criticism from lovers or spouses can be more lethal than
strangers. Similarly, praise
from a lover or spouse can make people feel
more happy than a stranger in
long term relationship.

So in
love, we must be good at praising each other. Don’t hesitate to make good words
to make the other person feel satisfied for
manipulation in relationships. You have to let him know what you admire
about him, or what he has done well, so as to encourage him to develop in a
better direction and make you The atmosphere is more harmonious.

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