she has healthy questions on sex

The curious nature of humans gives everyone the instinct to spy on
the privacy of others. And everyone has the same idea that
is sex healthy everyday? I need good sex and commitment.”. Therefore, many people always have a question in their hearts:
what will everyone do
after a hearty sex? Here, we are going to talk about 3
healthy questions on sex.

1. After sex, when men and women are urinating,
is it healthy?

This is the most urgent and important first thing after sex is over-“Urine afterwards”. Women
must have had this experience, and they will want to urinate after sex. This is
because the female bladder is close to the front of the uterus. During sex, the
uterus and vagina will be strongly congested, causing muscle reactions. The
bladder, which is the neighbor next door, will also become more sensitive, so
even if the bladder has only a little urine, it will appear more urgency than
Most men also want to urinate because the prostate is stimulated. However,
the urination time can be divided into different priorities.

Women must urinate immediately. Female urethra is short and
straight, vulvar stains and stains from male reproductive organs easily enter
the female vagina during sex. At the same time, bacteria from the vulva may
enter the urethra retrogradely during sex, which may cause urinary tract
infections, urethritis, cystitis, etc. If you can urinate immediately
after sex, the urine can wash the bacteria in the private parts to prevent
urinary tract infections and other diseases.

Men wait until “soft” before urinating. Men should not
urinate in a hurry
after sex, otherwise they
will cause damage to the prostate. Because the male urethra is long and curved,
the resistance to the passage of urine is large and the time is long; sexual
life has just ended, the congestion of the corpus cavernosum has not subsided,
and the contraction of the urethral sphincter and detrusor has not been
eliminated, which will
increase the resistance of the urethra. The completely weakened genitals can
only be “squeezed”, and there will be obvious symptoms such as
waiting for urine, weak urine, and even unable to pass urine. To make matters
worse, if you rush to urinate at this time, the pressure in the urethra will
increase, which will cause the urine with bacteria and metabolic waste to flow
back into the prostate. If it does this for a long time, it will easily lead to
prostatitis. Therefore, it is best for men to rest for 5 to 10 minutes after
ejaculation, and urinate after the genitals are completely weakened after the
hyperemia disappears.

2. After sex, men and women will become tired
and sleepy, and go to bed directly. Is it healthy?

Men generally feel tired after sex. Therefore, many
people like to fall asleep, thinking that this will relieve fatigue. The fact
is just the opposite, which will make the fatigue after ejaculation last until
the next day. Usually, when couples have sex, they start from sexual excitement
to the end of orgasm. Under normal circumstances, the duration is about 5-20
minutes, and some are longer. During sex, the sympathetic nerves of the human
body are in a state of high tension, and various hormones, especially sex
hormones, are secreted vigorously. At this time, not only the
sexual organs of both parties are in a highly congested state, but also
from the sexual excitement period to the orgasm period, many tissues of the
body are also involved in this special physiological process. The heartbeat
increases, the blood pressure rises, the breathing deepens, and the skin blood
vessels dilate throughout the body. Therefore, in this process, the body’s
energy consumption increases significantly and metabolism increases.

Fatigue after sex is mostly due
to the temporary
relaxation of the reflex function of the brain and spinal cord that controls
the discharge of semen. The nerves are excited and tense during ejaculation,
and the nerves and spinal cord reflex nerves relax after ejaculation. Young
people are sensitive and active, so they recover quickly, and some even recover
immediately. Elderly people have slow neurological reactions and take a
relatively long time to recover. If they fall asleep immediately after
ejaculation, the reflexes that cause fatigue will continue to relax, and the
fatigue will not disappear.

Most importantly, because women’s sexual excitement fades longer
than men’s, going to
bed immediately after sex will also cause the woman’s unhappiness, which will affect the
relationship between the couple in the long run. Therefore, men should not fall
asleep immediately after sex.
After sex,
they should take advantage of the tension of the nervous system to perform some
activities, such as drinking water, reading, and chatting with their wives, so
that the nervous system can be improved. Maintain a moderate state of tension
and avoid complete relaxation. Then fall asleep again, this will not only sleep
better, but also ease the fatigue, which helps to restore physical strength and
spirit the next day.

3. After sex, men and women love to bathe. Is
it healthy?

After the passion, many couples have the habit of bathing. In fact,
this is unscientific.
During sex, the heartbeat speeds up, the blood vessels of the heart expand,
and the blood flowing to the muscles and sexual organs increases significantly.
At this time, the body’s pores (sweat glands) are opened, a lot of sweat is
released, and the body’s defense ability is weak. After taking a bath
after sex, if the water temperature is too cold,
the open pores are easily affected. After sex, the body will sweat a lot,
consume too much, and weaken disease resistance, so it is easy to catch colds
and colds, and the stimulation of cold water will cause the heart muscle The
blood vessels contract violently, and it is easy to get heart disease for a
long time. The stimulation of cold water can also constrict the blood vessels
of women’s pelvic cavity and psoas, leading to backache and abdominal
distension. If the water temperature is too hot, the blood vessels on the skin
will continue to expand,
seriously affecting the blood supply of other organs, and symptoms such as palpitation,
palpitations, dizziness, tinnitus, and nausea will occur. For those suffering
from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, anemia and other diseases, it
is even more taboo to take a hot bath immediately
after sex.

Therefore, after sex, you should rest for a while, wait for the body temperature and
heartbeat to recover, and then take a shower with warm water. If you are
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