25 secrets about boys that girls must know in the relationship, dating and love!

A man is kisssing his girlfriend

In the current era of information
explosion, basically everyone has a mobile phone; on the one hand, the
advancement of communication technology has indeed facilitated our lives; on
the other hand, it has also become a barrier for many lovers to increase their
feelings. Because everyone has more and more social activities, such as playing
mobile games, reviewing short videos, uploading Quora and so on. So couples
gradually reduced their face-to-face communication, and their relationships gradually became
flat. So, in love, girls must first understand the secrets of boys in order to
better understand the relationship.

1. It is easy for men to like a woman, but they are not
easy to love a woman deeply.

2. Men generally like women with a gentle appearance.
They would rather spend their energy on career or other places than conquer

3. Men don’t pay much attention to women who treat
themselves too well.

4. Men are afraid of
women stalking, but they like to deal with women who have not caught up in the
same way.

5. One of the dreams of men is to have a confidante who
can transcend the boundaries of friendship.

6. A man will choose love with a very rational attitude,
even if he loves someone emotionally, but when he knows that she is not a good
wife, he will abandon her and find another suitable home life. A man thinks
that love and marriage are two different things. In many cases, he delays
getting married because he thinks that the woman around him is not the good
wife he imagined.

7. Men may have lower requirements for their wives than
their lovers—in terms of appearance, they are higher in character.

8. When likes are present, a man will behave as follows: talk a
lot; appear smarter; be more generous than usual; will pull the topic into a
proud achievement; will deliberately show a kindness that is rarely seen in
ordinary times; say more self-righteous The funny joke made everyone laugh.

9. Men have the arrogant mentality of being a hero, so it
is easy to fall in love with a woman who complains to him.

10. In a relationship between the sexes, a woman needs a
man to tell her that he is willing to make any sacrifices for her; a man needs
a woman to tell him that he is very capable.

11. Every once in a while, men have a few days when their
emotions and physical strength fall to the bottom, do not want to see anyone
(including the favorite person), hide themselves, flip through books, listen to
music, watch DVDs or play video games to vent .

12. A woman cares about her boyfriend’s former girlfriend, but a man cares
about what kind of boyfriend a woman finds after she leaves him. If he is still
a friend after breaking up, he will criticize her boyfriend from time to time.

13. Men don’t want to listen to the old love affair of
their sweetheart, because it is unbearable to think that the person they love
has had a close relationship with other men before.

14. In the face of two people who love themselves, a
woman will choose between wandering around, and a man will not worry about
it-he actually only wants to catch up with two people at the same time!

15. A man is easily attracted to a woman, but he can tell
which kind of craving comes from sex or love, and he probably knows what he can
get from her.

16. Behind many men falling in love with women for the
first time, there is actually a simple and unspeakable purpose: they want to be
intimate with her at first sight. Just to get them, they struggled to accompany
them to play romantic games that women like first.

17. A man will feel uncomfortable when he sees a woman
who likes him and other men a little warmer, even if it is a friend-like hug or
kiss. Especially knowing that she is being pursued will be more jealous.

18. The “future” mentioned by a man is 6 months
to 1 year, while the definition of a woman can be 10 to 50 years. When a man
falls in love with a woman, he only imagines how to develop intimately with her in the
short-term future; a woman fantasizes about falling in love, getting married,
having children and how to grow old.

19. Women are more likely to confess what is in their
minds, while men are just the opposite. When they encounter troubles, when they
talk to individual friends, they won’t be very complete, and they will always
save themselves the last bit of face. Men’s confession are all packaged or
deliberately chopped up, so that no one knows everything. This is why it is
difficult for women to understand men-they don’t want to be understood

20. A man can fall in love with two women,
but he doesn’t know which one he likes more.

21. A man sees extramarital affairs more practically than
women, because he has more opportunities to involve extramarital affairs, and
he understands in his heart that flowery is hidden in the nature of men.

22. Mature men’s resistance to girls who worship him is
quite weak.

23. When a man has the physical impulse to seek intimacy, his requirements
for the opposite sex suddenly decrease. He would think that an ordinary woman
is very cute and even sexy. However, once the impulse subsided, he immediately
regained his accustomed aesthetic judgment.

24. A man’s love for a woman is always mixed with
physical impulses. Before he gets in touch with each other, he thinks that
women are good, but afterwards he can have no nostalgia; but in order not to
bear too much guilt, they can pretend to be gentle and continue to confide
lingering afterwards Love words.

25. It is easy for men to fall in love with coquettish
women who seem to be at their fingertips. Because he feels there are more opportunities to touch.

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