What do you know that most people don’t?

Strange Facts ? Whether or not ?

1. The birth of electric cars can be half a century earlier than fuel cars

 Returning to history first, as early as 1821, Faraday invented a simple electric motor. While in 1828, the father of the DC motor, improved it and created an electromagnetic rotating mobile device.  Thomas Davenport produced the first electric car driven by a DC motor in 1834. This is the originator of the earliest electric car. But our earliest engine had not been invented at that time, so it can be said that the birth of electric vehicles was nearly half a century earlier than that of fuel vehicles.

2. Cotton Clothes with 100% or not?

If you find that the clothes are not 100% cotton when
you are buying underwear. That the seller doesn’t lie to you, because it is
still pure cotton! The fabric with 100% cotton content is called pure
cotton, and the fabric with more than 75% cotton content is called pure cotton
. Why is the cotton content of pure cotton not 100%?
Because of the 100% cotton fabric, it is difficult to wear. Everyone has seen cotton, which keeps warm and absorbs
moisture very well and is naturally non-irritating.

Cotton is elastic because there are gaps in it, but
cotton fiber is not elastic and has poor ductility. We have also seen fabrics made of 100% cotton.  The old
sheets and handkerchiefs
were all made of cotton, without any other fibers.

They have the softness of cotton, but the shortcomings
are obvious
. Because cotton fiber is not elastic, cotton is particularly easy
to wrinkle and shrink; in addition, cotton fiber is not acid and abrasion
resistance, and cotton is particularly easy to break. So underwear, including most of the clothes, as long
as they are elastic fabrics, they cannot be 100% cotton. If they are really all
, they are probably similar to cotton and linen clothes, which are easy
to wrinkle and deform.

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