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you know male impotence causes and treatment? Impotence is also erectile
dysfunction. A short erection of the penis does not allow a satisfactory sex
life. The reasons leading to impotence are very complex, and are mainly divided
into two major aspects, organic and psychological factors. Only by
understanding the cause of impotence can symptomatic relief and treatment. What
kind of tests do men suffering from impotence need to do. What are the methods
to check male impotence?

1. Routine inspection

you know male impotence causes and treatment? Generally, specific examination
items are arranged according to different conditions
of men
, such as color Doppler ultrasound, secretion routine, prostate
routine examination, blood routine urine routine and electrocardiogram
examination, which can clarify the cause, understand the condition, and also
know whether there are other complications and the body. health condition.

2. Sexual function check

you know male impotence causes and treatment? The examination of sexual function
can clarify the physical development, check whether the external genitalia is
deformed, whether it has been traumatized, and at the same time, check the
size, texture, and whether the testicles are deformed. If you suspect
inflammation of the genital tract, you need to do a digital rectal examination
to determine the size, texture, and tenderness of the prostate and seminal

3. Six hormone tests

you know male
causes and treatment? The six hormone tests for men can check the body’s
endocrine levels, find out the cause of the loss of libido, and further clarify
the extent of the disease.

How to treat impotence?

1. Participate in
physical exercise

you know male impotence causes and treatment? Insufficient sleep, overwork, mental
overstress, long-term heavy physical and mental work, and physical weakness are
the main factors that cause impotence. You should participate in outdoor
activities to enhance resistance and immunity, and pay more attention to rest.
The body is overworked, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and
adjust the imbalance of central nervous system function in time.

2. Eliminate
psychological factors

you know male impotence causes and treatment? Fully understand the relevant sexual
knowledge and realize the influence of mental factors on sexual function. Face
your sexual desire correctly, and don’t lose your confidence because of the
occasional failure of sexual intercourse once or twice. Both husband
and wife
should communicate and communicate more, and eliminate the factors
of disharmony in time. Women should encourage and caress their husbands to
avoid mental pressure on them. In addition, the mind must be concentrated
during intercourse.

3. Dietary conditioning

you know male impotence causes and treatment? You can usually eat more aphrodisiac
foods such as dog meat, mutton, sheep kidney sparrow and bullwhip, which are
rich in adrenal cortex hormones and sex hormones in animal organs, which can
improve sperm quality and libido. You should also eat more zinc-rich foods such
as pork chicken, chicken liver, oysters and beef.

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