Is sex harmful during periods?

she doesn't know"is sex harmful during periods?"

sex harmful during periods? Sex is a very beautiful thing, it can
bring a good experience, and it can also make the relationship between two
people sweeter. Sex is good, but don’t indulge in it, don’t let your whole life
revolve around this matter, it is easy to have
excessive sex
, which will bring a lot of harm to the body. Next, let us
take a look at the harm that people can cause if they over-indulge. What are
the harms of excessive sex?

1. The body of an
overdrawn person

sex harmful during periods? Sex can be called a sport, regular sex
will not overdraw a person’s body, but will also be beneficial to physical
health. However, if you go too much in this aspect of sex, and have sex too
frequently, it will affect people’s energy and physical strength, making people
sluggish and weakened. Over time, it will affect people’s memory and
concentration, and even their intelligence will decline.

2. Affect people’s

Is sex
during periods? Indulging in sex, too frequent in sex,
will affect people’s daily life. It is mainly affected in two aspects. The
first aspect is that you are too obsessed with sex in your thinking, and there
is no way to focus on other things, which will affect your normal work and
life. The second aspect is being too addicted to sex physically, whether it is
masturbation or real sex, this will cause serious physical overdraft and affect
work efficiency and learning efficiency.

3. Affect sexual

sex harmful during periods? Frequent
multiple sexual life in a night, the sexual impulse will
come one at a time, which will put a lot of burden on the sexual control nerve
center and sexual organs. Over time, sexual function will decline, sexual
organs will also age, and the quality of sex will be worse than once. Men who
have sex too frequently will have a higher incidence of sexual dysfunction such
as impotence and premature ejaculation.

4. Make women
prone to gynecological diseases

sex harmful during periods? Excessive indulgence in women can cause
gynecological inflammation, especially women who have multiple sexual lives in
one night, are more susceptible to these diseases. If you
have sex
for many times in a short period of time, the cervical mucosa will
be slightly damaged, and the bacteria will get in, which will easily cause
cervicitis. In addition to cervicitis, vaginitis is also an inflammation that
women often cause because of this condition.

5. Affect male
reproductive health

sex harmful during periods? In the process of sex, men’s prostate is
in a state of congestion and swelling. Regular and appropriate sex will not affect the health of men’s prostate. However, if
excessive sexual indulgence occurs frequently, prostatitis is likely to occur.
Andrology diseases such as prostate hyperplasia. In addition, men are also
prone to lumbar muscle strain during sex. If lumbago is unbearable after sex,
you have to find the cause from this aspect.

6. Reduce the
body’s immunity

sex harmful during periods? Excessive sexual life for a long time will
overdraft human health and make the body even weaker. It also reduces the
body’s immunity, and is more susceptible to the invasion of pathogenic
bacteria, which can easily induce many diseases. These diseases are completely
avoidable, as long as you have a good grasp of your sex.

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