20 inexperienced boyfriend advice for you

she is lying on the bed for inperienced boyfriend advice

Today we are giving a lesson to ” inexperienced boyfriend
advice ” and talk about some things that should be paid attention to in
love. Of course, these are not standards, but just advice, you need to measure
it yourself. There are some inexperienced boyfriend advice for you.

1. Since you are willing to click into this question, it
means that there is a high probability that you will not become a scumbag. I wish
to make persistent efforts with some inexperienced boyfriend advice for you.

2. Falling in love is a process of testing each other’s
bottom line. Please pay attention to this word, testing, not compulsion.

3. If there is nothing to do, talk more about
“missing you”, “like you”, “love you” and
“what are you doing” to help strengthen the relationship. Like it is
nothing to find words with some inexperienced boyfriend advice for you.

4. When there is an irreconcilable contradiction between
the two parties on an important issue, one person must make concessions or
break up. Shelving the dispute will only lead to continuous cold violence.

5. Love is mutual. Don’t always complain that she is not
treating you badly. First, ask yourself whether you are caring effectively with some
boyfriend advice for you.

6. Do not lick the dog, lick the dog until the end is

7. If you like it, you can divide it if you don’t. You
will reduce a lot of troubles, but you must be worthy of morality and

8. Inconsistent life planning, divide as soon as
possible. To change your life plan for the other half, or to force the other
half to change, you will often lose
your partner
and your life at the same time with some inexperienced boyfriend advice for you.

9. Remember every anniversary between you and take it
seriously. Why is there a Spring Festival? Because life needs a sense of
ritual, it needs to be moved, it needs to look forward to, it needs a Spring
Festival Gala.

10. Before going to bed every night, you might as well
jot down the most interesting thing between you today, just a few sentences.
When the quarrel is at a critical moment, throw this diary on her to save her life with some inexperienced boyfriend advice for you.

11. The value of gifts between two people should be
equal. In the early days of love, you can start with cheap small gifts and
gradually test the other party’s ability to bear.

12. The value just mentioned can
be understood
as either price or energy.

13. Preparing the right gift is probably the first
problem for straight men. It is recommended to pay attention to her daily chats
and so on, and buy what she mentioned but was not willing to buy. If you still
don’t know what to buy, choose the expensive one with some inexperienced boyfriend advice for you.

14. You said that you met a girl you like more, it is
true love, should you go after it? Then leave your girlfriend to chase it.
Anyway, you will continue to meet more favorites, more favorites, and more
favorites in the future. The rivers and lakes are so big that you can’t keep the beasts in your heart. It’s better to let the roses go.

15. Derailment is unforgivable. If there are really
unreconcilable contradictions, please break up first, and then go for a gallop
with some
inexperienced boyfriend advice for you.

16. Girls’ love is usually a bonus system; boys’ love is
often a deduction system. When you feel that she is not so good anymore, it is
better to reflect on whether you have been blinded.

17. Remember to give out red envelopes during Chinese New
Year, she will be very happy. The amount is within our means. A sensible girl
will return this red envelope to you in various other ways with some inexperienced
advice for you.

18. Generally speaking, the funds for daily communication
should be courtesy. It is understandable that boys should bear more. But if you
are used as an ATM, I can’t help it if you wish.

19. Stay away from her girlfriends. If your girlfriend
likes you, you are finished; if your girlfriend does not like you, you are
still finished with some inexperienced boyfriend advice for you.

20. On occasions with her friends or family, remember to
give her enough face. The kind that squatted down to tie your shoes with some inexperienced boyfriend advice for you.

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