2 ways to deal with opposite sex friendship after sex

she has no idea about the sex friend

relationships have different boundaries for the
opposite sex friendship. If it’s just a opposite sex friendship, but accidentally having sex together, can you still be friends? In fact, this kind of sex friend relationship, let alone friends, as long as it is not true love, there are only
these two endings with
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Determine the
opposite sex friendship with you, but it will not last long

are only two kinds of people of the
opposite sex friendship, who have gone to sex,
but are not really in love.
is the ex and the other is the lover.
opposite sex friendship between lovers is the most entangled here. Those of the opposite sex friendship who have a particularly good relationship,
regard them as confidantes, but in the end broke the boundaries of
sex friend because
of impulse. The relationship between two people was friends, but now there is
another layer of intimacy. If there is a
opposite sex friendship, if two people don’t say anything wrong, can
they continue to be friends as if they have not happened before? Many people
have asked this, but everyone knows that
sex friend is impossible. Although they have had
long-term goodwill with each other, many people have developed
a lover relationship
after entanglement.

I can’t let go of the facts that happened with the
opposite sex friendship, and I can’t accept that I won’t get
anything after this happens. Therefore, I would rather hide behind people and
bear the lover’s improper
opposite sex friendship, but also entangle sex friend. Someone on Quora said, “Not being
after sex is a respect for the other half.”
Saying this is a person who doesn’t respect the other half. The
opposite sex friendship has a spouse and no spouse. People who want
to develop you
into a sex friend will still do
. In an
opposite sex friendship, women will worry that their spouse will be seduced by
other women, and men will worry that their spouse will be seduced by other men.
Sometimes, this worry is not for no reason.

you have affair, the feeling is different from at home, you may not be aware of
it, but
definitely feel it in his heart. Therefore, the
opposite sex friendship between lovers will never last as long as a
husband and wife. With a beginning, you must know that it will end soon.

2. Only
this time, far away from each other and never
see you again in opposite sex

to being treated as lovers, two friends of the
opposite sex friendship have an accidental relationship. The best result of sex friend is only once, and then stay away from the
common life circle, social circle, and never meet again. Because if two people
live in the same city and have a common social circle, once they meet, they
will be embarrassed with each other. In a circle of f
opposite sex friendship, regardless of the distance, you can at least know one or the other of the other party, and you can’t
hide it. Rather than being discovered the
sex friend, pointing at your back and spreading those
rumors, it is better to break this
opposite sex friendship completely. Suddenly, let it end suddenly.

the mistake has been made being
sex friend, you must minimize the harm to yourself. Don’t try to make mistakes,
give up yourself, and don’t stay behind. You must understand that this kind of
opposite sex friendship is not worth all you have to pursue. Those
who pray for a mediocre relationship with friends and who can never
opposite sex friendship
that happened every time they meet, they can only end up with
sex friend.

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