2 tips for couples first time having sex

they are going to have first time sex

There are many important moments
in our lives, and
first time sex is one
of them. How does it feel to have sex for the first time? Everyone seems to
have their own opinions. But there is no doubt that everyone wants it to be
beautiful and memorable. How to make the “
first time sex ” more beautiful, maybe
this is worthy of
couples first time having sex.

1.For girls in first
time sex

Regardless of whether you want
to experience
first time sex before
marriage, this is your own attitude, which has nothing to do with others, and
whether it is right or wrong for
first time having sex.
There is no need to wrong
yourself in order to cater to others. Those thoughts that “he wants me to
give” are actually irresponsible to myself.

Regarding pain in first
time sex

Most girls feel pain during first time sex and during the first few sex
sessions. Some girls think this is because of the pain caused by breaking
through the “barrier” of the hymen. In fact, the hymen itself has
holes, and nothing is needed to puncture it. Secondly, there is a thin layer of
hymen, even if there is damage during sex, most of them couples first time having sex
are only slightly painful. The
intense pain that girls experience for the first time is mainly caused by the
tightness of the vaginal opening and psychological tension caused by the
perineal muscle spasm. At this time, it is recommended to extend the time of
foreplay, not only to relieve tension, but also to make the vagina moist.

About climax in first
time sex:

Studies have shown that only
about 25% of women will have an orgasm every time within a period of time, and
half of women will sometimes have an orgasm. The remaining 25% of women rarely
or never have orgasm. Because of the different genital structure,
first time having sex
it is more difficult for women
to reach orgasm during sex. So, don’t carry it out with too high expectations,
and it’s okay to use it as a way to enhance mutual relations.

2.For boys in first
time sex

Regarding foreplay: Jed Sheen, a
psychologist at Deakin University in Australia, found in a study of 120 women
that most women are more sensitive to foreplay than having sex! It is best for
boys to do more foreplay ,through chatting, kissing, touching, etc. to ease the
tension between both parties. And more importantly, enough foreplay can prevent
excessive pain when
couples are first
time having sex.


Regarding posture in first
time sex:

There are many
postures for making love,
but for novices, don’t try difficult postures at
first. Generally, it is male upper and female lower when
couples first time having sex. If
girls want to take the initiative, or boys feel too tired, they can change to
female upper and lower male positions. During sex, a pillow can be placed under
the girl’s buttocks so that the boy can enter more smoothly.

Regarding erections in first
time sex:

According to actual surveys, a
considerable number of boys cannot get erections “for the first time”
because of tension or other reasons. This may sound strange, but it also
confirms the impact of psychological pressure, so foreplay is particularly
important for c
ouples first time
having sex.
At this time, boys can adjust their breathing,
first “communicate” with girls with their hands, lips or other parts
of the body. When anxiety and restlessness fade away, it usually returns to
normal. This is only a temporary problem, so don’t be fooled into thinking
whether you can’t.

About too fast in first
time sex:

For men, it is easy to ejaculate
during the in
first time sex. This
is the normal behavior of most men. For the first time, boys were overly
excited due to lack of sexual knowledge and inexperience, leading to premature
ejaculation. There is no need for
first time having sex
to put too much pressure at this
time, and girls should never laugh at or ridicule boys. With the future
growth of sexual knowledge
, the accumulation of experience, and the tacit
understanding of cooperation between the two sides, it will gradually become normal.
In addition, wearing a condom for
first time having sex
can reduce the sensitivity of
the male penis and make the time longer.

In the interaction between the
sexes, the equal relationship is maintained by the affirmation and respect of
both parties. For the
time sex
, regardless of success or failure, the
psychological significance is greater than the physical. Relax and feel the
beauty of it.

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