they have trust and respect in love

From the young love to the wedding vows, the two people will definitely
experience all kinds of ups and downs along the way, but this also sets up the
unswerving love for each other. Nevertheless, two people live together and bear
the pressures of life with
and respect in love.
From the family’s financial resources to the
trivial matters as small as vegetable, rice and salt, they have to solve them
together. Some people say that the
lack of trust or respect in love is equivalent to the loss of one’s limbs. Even if
it can survive, it will be dying. So,
how do you build trust and respect in your love life?

1.     Trust
in love is not the control

Do you have the desire to control the people around you? Many women,
including myself, have problems with their desire to control. To know if you
have a desire to control your marriage, you can ask yourself these questions:
Am I correcting my husband? Do I order my husband to do something? Am I trying
to improve my husband?

When you correct your husband, you are saying: “You are doing it
wrong.” When you order him, you mean: “You don’t know how to do
it.” When you try to improve him, you are saying: “You are not doing
well enough.”

We say frankly that we just want to help them, but
in fact our motivation is more to control than to help. The desire to control
often comes from fear. Some women try to control their husbands because they
are afraid of not getting what they want. There are also women who worry that
if they do not intervene, their husband’s behavior will have bad consequences
for them. The root of this fear is selfishness, and selfishness does not bring
love. Controlling, commanding, and trying to improve your husband is to beat
him back to his youth, and youth does not understand love.
Trust in love can invite him to share
love with you.

2.     Respect
in love is not the degradation

Everyone has heard of the word fear wife. Husbands in Fear are usually at the bottom of the
family. When you put your husband in this situation, you deprive him of his
dignity and make him no longer respected. You become your own worst enemy
because you really want your husband to
be respected. You think you are
making your husband more and more masculine, but in fact you are belittling
him. He is now at the bottom of the family and cannot get what he needs for

What does
respect have to do with love?
When a man feels confident in your attitude
towards him, he will relax with you. He will put down the barrier and let you
enter his inner world. He knows that he is safe with you. He is valued and
respected. Love will breed in a safe place.

In love, a man pays attention to
a woman’s feelings,
trusts and respects her, and considers her happiness, a woman will feel
love and strength. She felt that in the eyes of men, she was the center. As a
result, men meet her love needs, and she trusts him more and more. They will
have a
mutual trust and respect
to each other.

Women’s frankness and sincerity make men very pleased. He is also
inseparable from
the trust of women. A woman recognizes his value and believes that he
can do his best for his happiness, and a man’s first basic love needs can be
met. Men are therefore ambitious, more concerned about women’s feelings, and
committed to giving women more happiness. This is the power of building
trust and respect in love.

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