2 skills of using sex toys for spicing up your sex

she is going to use sex toys for spicing up sex

How to spice up your sex relationship? With the liberalization of sexuality, more
and more people start to use sex toys, but how do you store them after use?
Today I will give you a brief introduction to the storage method of sex toys.
It is safe to use sex toys for sex flirt by itself, but it is very passive to put sex toys of similar or opposite
materials together with sex
so good memes
It is important to store sex toys carefully. If you put your sex toys together,
especially those made of silicone, rubber, and latex, you will soon find that
they start to melt or become slightly deformed. Therefore, storage of sex toys
requires skill. There are 2 skills of using sex toys for
spicing up your sex.

Completely separate

to spice up your sex relationship? Keep your sex toys completely separate and store them
the same way you store other items. Satin, string and many luxury sex toys use
cloth bags or special boxes to store
them separately for sex flirt
There is also a very convenient storage method with sex so good memes. Put all the sex toys in a carton, but the
premise is to use envelopes or socks (new or sterilized) to ensure that similar
or different materials are not touched.

2- Wash
before and after use

to spice up your sex relationship? When you don’t use them for sex flirt, they may be stained with lint, hair, or
other bacteria…wash them before you use them, otherwise you will be a
bacterial carnival after you are happy. Don’t be careless about cleaning after
use. If you take cleaning seriously, your little toys will last longer with sex so good memes. If you don’t wash it, the material of the
small toy may deteriorate or fade. Also, if unwashed toys are placed with other
toys, cross-spread of bacteria will occur. Choose the right soap, it is
recommended to use mild, fragrance-free soap, it does not matter whether it has
antibacterial effect. If you want a lower profile, you can also choose a professional sex toy cleaner for sex flirt. Spraying it on the toy and then wiping it
clean will have a sterilization effect, and it will not damage the toy itself.

to spice up your sex relationship? These are common storage and maintenance methods. For
those who like to collect all kinds of sex toys or those with more money, it is
best to have an independent sex toy storage room, and each toy has a separate
storage space with sex so good memes. of. Storing your toys properly will increase their lifespan, and it is
also very hygienic and away from bacteria. It is also very important to ensure
that toys are clean and completely dry before putting them away.

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