2 questions before you think how to stop dating a married man!

She is calling a married man

When girls want to stop dating a married man, they are
usually more emotional. They only think about how to leave a married man; but
they never seriously think 2 questions before they think how
to stop dating a married man!
There are many ways to break up, and different ways of breaking up are
adopted. So after breaking up, you must think clearly whether they need to stop dating a married man and how to stop dating a married man!

1. Is it necessary to stop dating a
married man!

Not all
breakup situations require disconnection. In general, false breakups are not
suitable for disconnection, because the purpose of false breakups is to make
the other party care more about themselves, but disconnection shows a more
indifferent attitude. Therefore, disconnection is not suitable for false
breakups. Under what circumstances need to disconnect?

purpose of stop dating a married man is
to dilute the inherent image of oneself in the heart of the other party, so it
is generally used in the case of genuine breakup. A true breakup is more
difficult to recover than a false breakup, because a married man is already disgusted
with you, or completely disappointed or even has no feelings for you. And stop
dating a married man can just play the role of stop loss, reduce his aversion
to you by reducing contact, and at the same time give the other person space to
think calmly.

2. How to stop dating a married man is correct

Stop dating a married man does not mean completely disappearing from
his world. Stop dating a married man requires skill. Most girls think that all
his contact information should be deleted when they break up, or even leave his
city, so that he will never find himself. In fact, this kind of stop dating a
married man is too extreme. So how should the correct way to stop dating a
married man go?

1) Respect the other party’s decision

the other party has decided to break up, as a person who has loved each other,
the most basic respect is not to be entangled. Tell the other party with
action, “Do you want to break up? Okay, then break up.” Accepting the breakup frankly not only kept one’s dignity, but also prevented the other
party from “rationalizing” his decision normally. According to the
experience of emotional experts, the party who accepts the breakup is more
likely to accept the second attraction, because he always feels that he
immediately agrees to the breakup because there is something wrong with him,
thus reducing the blame on his partner.

Cover up the injured self

let married men know when you stop dating that you still miss each other. You
should hold the same mentality and hide your hurt and sadness. This at least
leaves the impression of being happy and optimistic before breaking up in the
other person’s heart.

you stop dating a married man, you should make good use of your time to enhance your charm and
improve your value.
When you really pay attention to your own improvement
and truly invest all your time and energy into yourself, you will find that you
can give yourself happiness. You don’t need to get a sense of security from the
outside world.

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