2 questions after breakup you must understand

She is sad after break up with her boyfriend

In a relationship, the girls broke up countless times, but the boys did not agree. And they remained together
in the end. But the boy only needs to mention it once, no matter how the girl
can save it, it will be fruitless. Then, they may think
my boyfriend wants to break up, why do people
break up?”
Have you encountered this phenomenon? It is said that boys are unfeeling,
why does he say that
breaking up means breaking up, can
it really be so simple? Really won’t
come back again? If you want
to know whether boys will
come back after breaking up, then you must
2 questions after breakup.

1. Why did the
man who once said that he loved you broke up?

Men think rationally and are better
at weighing pros and cons. But women are better at emotion and temptation.

For example, when a long distance relationship break up, a woman mentions breaking up countless times. The
reason for many people is because they feel that they are not taken seriously.
In this case, boys can coax them patiently, and they will be able to clear the
weather. Therefore, it is said on the Internet that the real departure is
silent, and all the fanfare is just for blog attention. People who can be noisy
will not score.

On the other hand, men will have a
score table in a
sex love relationship. After each disappointment and
dissatisfaction, the score table will start to calculate. Men are even less
good at expression, but this does not mean that they will be forbearing. In
fact, no one will be forbearing.

Love is a part of life,
not all. When the other party has something to do, you can also have something
to do, right? Therefore, it is too extreme to pay attention to the way that we
often talk about
breaking up. Non-violent communication can solve this problem
well, especially
long distance
relationship break up
, right?

It is human nature to seek
advantages and avoid disadvantages. In the time of passionate love, any of your
shortcomings will not be seen by the other party, but when the passionate love
fades, your test will really begin. So, many people asked, he used to love me
very much, so how can I leave? The fact is also very clear, because when you
step into your partner’s love, he gradually sees your shortcomings and cannot
accept them.

The emotion of
passionate love gradually disappears, and it can also help everyone to get rid
of some superficial love. Of course, if you think that you don’t have too many
shortcomings, they are all normal minor problems, but the other party said that
they cannot accept it. The high probability is, The other person does not love
you as you imagined, and it is more likely to have a purpose
if long distance relationship break up.

Girls who were broken up in these situations,
remember, after
breaking up, you don’t need to make it back. If it is the
latter, you disappear for a period of time, and the other party will come back
to tease you again. In this case, don’t pay attention.

What are the psychological changes after the breakup of men and women?

(1) Those who broke up,
psychological changes of the one who put up with
breaking up

Gender is not involved here. Sister
Si speaks from the perspective of the boy in the case. Since the breakup is
because you feel depressed together, then relieve the depression and naturally
feel happy inside.

In his heart, you are no longer
necessary, he himself is necessary. When people are extremely relaxed, they
only want to do what they like to do. For example, because I wanted to
accompany you before, I couldn’t go out and drink with friends. I will go now.
For example, I used to listen to you and wouldn’t play games all night. Will

In the eyes of the girls, this is a
free self. In the eyes of the boys who actively broke up, this is a return to
the true self. People always have emotional needs. He can’t play games all
night, and he can’t go out drinking with friends every day. What if there are
no new characters around him and he has emotional needs if
a long distance relationship break up.

He will think of you who disappeared
into his world. He began to miss the original feeling that someone cared, and
he began to miss the scene of two people meeting to watch a movie for dinner.
So when he is in strong emotional needs, he is very likely to come to the door.
So here is a thought for everyone. When boys come back, it really because they
like you, or because their emotional needs have not been met?

(2) The psychological changes of the
other who accept
break up

Those who take the initiative to say
that they break up are for liberation, so they are naturally relaxed after
liberation, and those who are broken up are forced to stop, loss aversion,
Zeignik effect, separation anxiety, all come to the door. Therefore, when we
broke up, the girls or boys who were broken up were very sad.

But the big difference between men
and women is that women are more inclined to tell, their hearts are softer and
their way of thinking is more divergent, so they are especially sensual,
stalking, and humble, which is normal. But in the end, without exception, they
all pushed the opponent farther and farther. As a result, the girls were
injured twice, and even injured many times. After being broken in love, they
couldn’t eat. They lost more than ten kilograms a month. They were emotionally
troubled and their physical fitness deteriorated. Sis Si had a lot of this. As
if in their world, emotions are all, even more than their own lives.

Then we have to think about it here,
is it true?
Love should be a part of our lives. It is based on our original foundation and
brings us happier things, right? However, people tend to avoid disadvantages,
and the fastest two months are enough for a
broken relationship. The longer the time, the easier it is to accept the fact that the other
party is leaving. When everything returns to normal, people become more and
more awake and gradually start to learn to be nice to themselves.

Accepting reality is not necessarily
bad. If he is really someone who can accompany you for life, even if you don’t
find it, he will come back by himself, right? If he doesn’t, then it means that
the right person hasn’t come yet, wake up earlier, sum up experience earlier
after this emotional experience, and reflect on his 50% problems. Is it better
fall in love?

Love is always a part of life, a
part of your life. Don’t take this ratio too seriously, and don’t always wait for
others to go back and forth if your boyfriend
wants to break up with you.

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