2 points to flirt for free

she hugs him to flirt for free

Speaking of flirting for free,
it reminds me of a particularly irresponsible sentence called “Girls are
only cute if they are dirty.” It is like a passionate slogan, and it does
not give a dirty guideline. What problem will this cause? It is easy for people
to defile people in the wrong direction, hesitate and be confused on the dirty
road, and finally become messy and to
flirt for free.

1. Preparation
for sex

1)  Let yourself be emotional first to flirt for free

If a woman wants to seduce a man, she must first get up
and be emotional enough. Just imagine, what can stimulate a man more than an
emotional woman? You yourself are emotional first, that is, naked telling the
man how much you need him, how much you want him, such a beautiful expression,
naturally make the man’s sexual desires high and want to stop.

2). Touch his body
to flirt for free

Women should touch his body boldly and give him pleasure
through caressing. Of course, we must also grasp some parts that can
bring a man’s pleasure
: the inner side of the arm-gently stroking this part
with little hair with your hand will give him a strong stimulus; the inner side
of the ear-gently pat the inner ear with your tongue , You will see how much he
enjoys; Adam’s apple ── there are a lot
of nerve endings in this part, touching here will make him very comfortable;
buttocks──Use your nails to
gently walk on his buttocks, which can quickly ignite his Passion.

3). Show sexiness
and charm
to flirt for free

Sexy and charming temperament women can most impress men.
Men are 100% visual animals, and they are extremely sensitive to visual
stimuli. And the more women try to hide their right body, the more men want to
find out. So women have to wear a tulle outside of sexy underwear, which will
be more sexy and sultry. Men will really enjoy the process of stripping you.

In addition, during sex, women should be bolder and
seduce him with her eyes. In the process of sex, eye contact is very important.
You only need to look at him with a smile and affectionately to make him have a
higher libido and perform harder.

2. Pay attention
to the diet of sex
to flirt for free

1). Don’t eat
fried food
to flirt
for free

Hydrogenation of vegetable oil can convert the oil into a
solid state, the fat contained in it is called trans fat. In terms of damage,
trans fats are more than saturated fats. French fries and other fried foods,
biscuits, and cookies all contain trans fats. The U.S. Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) has begun to require all foods containing trans fats to be
marked on the label. It is better for us to eat less of these foods.

2). Don’t eat fat to flirt for free

Eating meat may be masculine, but the fact is the
opposite. Red meat (beef, bacon, sausage, luncheon meat) prevents you from
being strong. Saturated fat and cholesterol make the blood vessels narrow,
including those that transport blood to the sex. The blood vessels are not sufficiently
congested. How to lift them up, not to mention that these are small blood
vessels that are most likely to be blocked.

3). Don’t eat
high-fat milk
to flirt for free

Milk and dairy products are the best sources of protein,
but there are differences between them. If it is a full-fat product, it is
better to stay away. In fact, high-fat milk and dairy products are no less
harmful than fatty meat. The worst thing is to mix the two, and its destructive
effect may be immediate.

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