2 open relationship facts

they are in an open relationship

Do open relationships work? Is it
possible for a person to fall in love with many people at the same time, or if
I have a partner now, but still have desires for other people? This may be a
topic that many people have thought about quietly, but don’t know who to talk
open relationship facts.
Aqiu and Nancy,
members of the group “Pali Kaikai” that discuss
multiple and open relationship marriage
, are going to talk to us about
their respective relationship stories today.
we would think that two people holding hands together to grow old together is a
perfect script. But when an
relationship marriage
or multiple relationships appear, it’s like rewriting the relationship
between partners.” Why do we choose to enter an open relationship? When
you enter an open relationship, you will not be jealous or frustrated, and be
happy and happy from now on? If I am an open person today, how can I adjust
myself in
open relationship marriage?
Do open
relationships work?
Those doubts
you have thought about can find possible answers together through the stories
and observations of the two of them.
relationship facts 1
: They just don’t want to be responsible for the open
relationship marriage
Do open
relationships work?
Some people
think that those who want to be open are having a good time, or don’t want to
be responsible for their feelings at all. “But to be honest, the
prerequisite for entering an open relationship is that he wants to maintain
this relationship. Because when he wants to manage this
open relationship marriage, he often has a lot of pressure inside.
example, they might think, am I making my partner so sad? But I have a lot of
desires that are not seen by others, and I have many ideas that are not
understood by others. What should I do in open relationship marriage?”
The biggest
difference between an
relationship marriage
and derailment is that they must have informed consent. Therefore, each
couple has different rules and methods. In any case, the premise is that it is
a model that you can all accept in
relationship marriage
the process of frankly facing self-desires and communicating with your partner
is actually the possibility of practicing the development of different
relationships. Moreover, most of
relationship marriage
are only in the process. They specifically mentioned that being open now
does not mean that this will be the case for a lifetime.
relationship marriage are always fluid
relationship facts 2
: They are not jealous or sad in open relationship marriage
Do open relationships work? Then we
talked about a big issue in
relationship marriage
, how to adjust to the dark side of jealousy, frustration, and loss that
may arise in the process. “We are jealous. This is human instinct. But in
such an
open relationship marriage, we spend a long time learning how to make that
jealousy less toxic.” “Like before, it took me a long time for my
boyfriend to understand that I will not leave this
open relationship marriage because of dating someone. On the contrary, because you are willing to
let me go out today, I feel free, and I feel this open relationship marriage is what I want.”
And when
they feel insecure or worry about being afraid, they also try to
“confess” with their partner step by step: “Just by confessing
that I am afraid, insecure, uncomfortable, and the relationship between you Go
deeper.” Then, you will gradually realize that no one thinks you are not good
enough, only you think you are not good enough. So if your partner makes love
to someone else, you think he is leaving you in
open relationship marriage.
So, what I
mentioned here is that people who really want to enter into an
open relationship marriage with you do not want to perfunctory, nor do they want to ruin the
relationship. To make this decision, he actually must spend a long time on
self-healing and self-awareness.
relationship facts 3:
can’t accept it
, but he isn’t progressing enough in
open relationship marriage?
Do open relationships work? There are
roughly three types of people who come to the observation meeting to
participate in multiple or open-ended relationship discussions. The first one
is that “It’s so trendy here. Progressive humans must go here, but they
may not necessarily have practical experience.” The second is “already in
open relationship marriage, and the one needs to find the stratosphere”, while
the third is the relatively more need to be concerned.”
most common emotion in the heart of people
who have been opened up may be
that significant other is going to find someone. What if I find someone better
than me? Is it because our
relationship marriage
is wrong and not perfect, that makes him ore her unwilling to stay here?
But as
mentioned above, the most important prerequisite for an
open relationship marriage is informed consent. If you really can’t accept it today, then you don’t
need to force yourself. No matter what the
open relationship marriage is, it is the company of two independent people, not the entanglement of
each other.
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