proposing to her for marriage

We may love some things in our
life, but in marriage, love can only be the only one, not some. Faithfulness is
undoubtedly the only important one to guarantee. Faithfulness is the basic
bottom line of marriage. If even faithfulness cannot be achieved, then what
kind of marriage is there to talk about. Only with mutual faithfulness can
marriage be more stable and free from outside influences. So,
what is the importance of
staying faithful in marriage?
There are 2 importance of faithfulness in marriage.

1.Faithfulness in marriage is a kind of
psychological accumulation

Faithfulness has always been a
kind of psychological accumulation, a comprehensive or holistic model that
stores various interests, feelings, and mutual restraining motives. The
supplementary characteristics of faithfulness, such as “loyal love”,
is somewhat misleading. If love can persist in people’s relationships, why does
it need faithfulness? If the parties are not maintained by faithfulness at the
beginning, but are mainly connected by the
psychological tendency
of true love
, then why add faithfulness
to guard this relationship after ten years?

If, by definition, love was
still consistent at that time, it did not weaken the binding force it
originally had. If we simply understand “loyal love” as
“immortal love” in terms of language usage, of course, there is no

Of course, the formation of a certain relationship requires certain positive and negative conditions, even indispensable.
But once this kind of relationship occurs, it is often not destroyed by the
initial essentials of those relationships. For example, the sexual relationship
that was originally based on the beauty of the posture can be well maintained
when the beauty begins to fade and become ugly.

In the past, the view that
various things can only be maintained when the conditions for their production
are available is a very one-sided, self-evident truth. This is by no means a
universal principle of general social interaction. Regardless of the conditions
under which the social connection is produced, it will produce a form of self-preservation
and maintenance independent of the initial motivation to establish the
relationship. If there is no such self-sustaining inertia of real social
interaction, the society as a whole will collapse completely or become an
unimaginable scene.

2.Faithfulness in marriage
is the induction of emotion

Faithfulness is “emotional
induction”. Similar to theoretical induction, if a certain relationship occurs
at a certain moment, the relationship will still exist after the emotional
exit. Regardless of whether people accept this as a full
definition of the concept of faithfulness, the nature of this feeling can only be determined by its psychological
reality at this moment.

Each kind of relationship is
initially accompanied by a specific feeling, interest, and impulse that
directly points to the parties involved. If the relationship continues, it will
produce a unique emotion in the relationship. The initial state of mind changes
into a special form we call Faithfulness. No matter how ever-changing the
original origins of various relationships are, in the form of Faithfulness,
these original mental states have reached a similarity, which naturally
promotes the self-sustainment of Faithfulness.

In other words, our discussion
here does not focus on the so-called “loyal
love”, “loyal attachment” and so on. They refer to a certain pattern of defined emotions or secular
quantities: I think faithfulness itself is a special mental state directly
points to the maintenance of the relationship and is independent of any special
emotion or will factors that maintain the content of the relationship.

Regardless of the reason, one
should remain
loyal to the marriage. When there is a problem with the marriage, find out the problem and
solve the problem as soon as possible. When the two fall in love to enter the
marriage, they must face all the problems together. When love turns into family
affection, they must also find joy in the rice, salt, sauce and vinegar tea.
Don’t regard the passion outside marriage as love, this is the minimum respect
for marriage.

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