2 cold knowledge about orgasm between men and women

they are having sex with orgasm facts

In terms of female
, there are false orgasms
and real orgasms
. In the
early stage, we also distinguished fake orgasms from real orgasms. Girls are
born with very emotional creatures, and orgasms are relatively tactful, which
makes people wonder. Orgasm is very easy for men. Especially for young and
healthy men, it is very easy to get an orgasm during sex. Ejaculation is also a
sign of men reaching orgasm. The following takes you to understand the cold knowledge
of orgasm! Must read for men and women
2 cold
knowledge about
orgasm between men and women.

1. Cold knowledge about women’s orgasm

1Orgasm is not only dependent on the vagina

In fact, very few women can reach orgasm by only relying on vaginal
stimulation, so try putting your hands on these sensitive belts, such as the
clitoris, G-spot, nipples and earlobes. Allow the woman to climax through
various stimulations.

2The key to orgasm is in the brain

Neurologically, when women reach the cake tide, they
will start from the genital cortex and transmit the feelings all the way to the
brain, which makes the brain area about happy memories active. This is why women feel happy when they are
happy. stand up.

3Orgasm stops the brain from working

During orgasm, the blood flowing to the frontal and
temporal lobes, and the blood flowing to the brain center is relatively
reduced, resulting in a change in the cognition of surrounding things, blurred
consciousness, and the sense of fear will disappear. So women’s brains will be
during orgasm. In other words, when a woman is about to fly to
the sky, her reaction is the same as that of a man, making her brain dumb and

4Women can have multiple orgasms

Although the pattern of brain activation during
orgasm is the same for men and women, the difference is that men need cooling time to recover after
, while women’s brains can continue to respond to received
stimuli after
orgasm to achieve multiple sex climax.

5The moment of fast orgasm is the best moment

When a woman’s brain waves are approaching orgasm
during sex
, the most
relaxed and best brain waves will appear. However, as soon as the climax is
reached, the brain waves will slowly decrease, so the moment considered the
most comfortable is the moment of the climax, which is even more exciting.

2. Cold knowledge about
men’s orgasm

1Man orgasm is easy

usually occurs with
ejaculation, but pleasure is not produced by semen ejaculation, and the two are
not the same thing. Therefore, men can experience orgasm without ejaculating. Many men start to ejaculate less
frequently after the age of 40, and some elderly people do not ejaculate at
all, but they can still enjoy orgasm.

2Condoms do not affect the quality of orgasm

Condoms will not affect orgasm, but can also help
prevent sexually transmitted diseases, reduce distraction, and help men prolong
erection time. Ultra-thin condoms can reduce psychological barriers and
help achieve orgasm.

3 Changing posture helps multiple orgasms

Changing one or two postures during sex can help to
get more stimulation, help women get multiple
orgasms, and make men more happy.

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