12 skills about how to glow up after a breakup

She is sad after breakup

If you encounter a breakup, you can be very anxious and wash your face with tears
every day, or just want to talk to someone but find it hard to find. You want
to get out of the pain of broken love as soon as possible, but you don’t know
how to get out of the pain of breaking up, or
how to glow up after a breakup. So, how should you glow
up yourself after breaking up?

After break up: Breaking up is also a new beginning

Every relationship is a new beginning. Rather than
indulge in the past, look forward to the surprise and excitement that the
future will bring you. You can get a new life by letting go.

2. After
break up: Accept the facts

He didn’t care about you, so he left you, so from that
moment on, he will only care less about you in the future. He sent your
feelings to the garbage station as rubbish. Almost no one will go to the
garbage station to retrieve the discarded garbage. Even if there is, they will
dislike it from the bottom of their hearts and will not cherish it: after all,
they have already thrown it once, and there is basically no psychological
burden to throw it again. So don’t stand in the garbage station and wait for
that person to come back to find the garbage.

After break up: Take time to heal

Take time to stabilize your emotions. Think of it as a
gift from your destiny, and you have to experience everything in life to be

4.After break up: Forget
the person who hurt you

Forgiveness is powerful. When we cannot forget the person
who hurt you in the past relationship, it is also a prison to our own hearts.
Forgiveness means you are free to move forward.

break up: Bravely find a different man

 Looking for a
completely different type of person and trying to fall in love with a man who
is different from the previous type can help you move forward better. Don’t
make the same mistake twice.

break up
everyone will get hurt

Don’t care about your emotional hurt in your
relationship. Most people experience this kind of hurt. Try to divert your
focus from this matter.

7.After break up: Make
yourself strong

Don’t let fear hinder your progress, learn to face the
ups and downs of feelings with a strong heart.

break up: You should realize that every man is different

All men are different, just as every woman is different. Don’t
think that the last man will cause you harm, and the next one will do the same.
Don’t let past relationships affect you.

break up: Don’t smoke or drink

If drinking can solve the problem, then the drunkards all
over the world are probably billionaires, not many of them have made themselves

break up: Travel by yourself

Travel, travel within your own budget, even in the same
city, as long as you can go now. Through travel, you will see a richer and more
exciting world.

break up: Start the “100-day self-improvement” program

The weaker party often falls into a mood of self-denial,
similar to self-blame, which often carries some grief and indignation, which
makes people feel uneasy.

You need to get rid of this bad state immediately to make
yourself better. For example, you can go to the gym, set yourself a 100-day
plan, go to the gym every day, and get 1% progress each time, 100 days means
100%. If you don’t go there any day, you can take a 1% vacation, but remember to
make it up. Take pictures every weekend and record your progress. Of course,
you can also try some other new hobbies, not necessarily fitness, you can also
watch 30 books, running, 50 movies, etc., but follow the 100-day rule.

12.After break up:
feel the love around you

When the current post leaves you, you may feel that no
one in the world loves you/you are not worthy of being loved anymore. This is
not the truth, but that he is not worthy of your love. You still have the love
of many people. So at this time, you need to feel the love that has never
disappeared around you. For example, you call friends and family members, and
you call one every day, because you may feel that you have no love or lost
love, but you don’t realize that there are people who have been
unconditionally. Love you, and willing to do anything for you.

break up: optimize social

Because people instinctively don’t tend to let more
people participate in their lives, it will be easy for people to live in a
self-illusion that is out of touch with reality over time. So you need to let
your previous social habits grow, get out of your comfort zone, optimize and
build a better social circle, and make everything better.

14.After break up: keep

Get active when you are alone. For example, if you
squeeze the subway to work every day. Don’t sit there foolishly, because the
most important thing in your mind is the recent tragedy. If you don’t do
anything, you will soon be occupied by bad emotions. So, find something to do,
such as looking for a book to read, or listening to an audio book or something,
choose your favorite content or something you are interested in to do. This
will not only keep you busy, but also increase your knowledge and make you

Breakup is not
It teaches you how to grow and how
to heal yourself. During this period, you know that you can handle things well
by yourself, and learn how to love yourself and how to improve yourself. I
believe that you will meet a better partner in the future. Your life will also
become better, more planned, and live wiser and fulfilled.

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