12 Points about kissing for girls being in love to bravely kiss

Tongue and Kiss

After being in love, men and women
will increase their feelings through kissing. It can also be said that kissing
is a way for us to feel the most intimate breath. Although many girls may be
shy and unwilling to kiss deeply, kissing has many advantages. I hope that
after reading the following little knowledge about kissing, girls can bravely kiss their boyfriends.

1.     Every kiss
consumes at least 12 calories in the body. Scientists pointed out: As long as
you kiss three times a day, each time lasts 20 seconds, you can lose weight.

2. The average life expectancy of people who kiss
frequently is 5 years longer than the average person.

3. Kissing is an effective way to treat hiccups.

4. When kissing, 12 groups of lip muscles and 17 groups of
tongue muscles will become tense, promote blood circulation, help prevent
wrinkles, make skin smoother, and have cosmetic effects, which is better for
beauty salons.

5. When a kiss is stimulated, the endorphin hormone
secreted by stimulation is equivalent to the effect of a painkiller, and the
saliva produced during the kiss will automatically produce antibiotics, which
has an anesthetic effect, and makes people forget the sadness temporarily.

6. Kissing can stimulate a lot of adrenaline and make people feel happy; if you kiss three
times a day, you will be happy all day.

7. When kissing, the saliva of the two parties exchanges,
the water, bacteria, natural salt, protein, etc. in the original saliva, once
added to other people’s saliva, certain microorganisms will react differently,
which will stimulate the individual’s immune system to produce specific
antibodies and enhance immunity .

8. Kissing can prevent the formation of corticosteroids and
reduce the risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, muscle atrophy and insomnia.

9. When kissing, the large amount of saliva secreted
contains calcium and phosphorus, which can effectively prevent tooth decay, and
the pH of saliva is neutral, which also helps prevent dental diseases.

10. Promote blood circulation: When kissing, the
heartbeat of a man can reach 110 times per minute, and the heartbeat of a woman
can reach 108 times per minute, which will promote the blood circulation and
blood supply of the body.

11. Regulate nerves

When the lips and tongue meet, the
pancreas accelerates the secretion of insulin and the adrenal glands release
the hormone adrenaline. All this brought the whole body into a pleasant state
of alert. They suppress the negative stress hormone cortisol, eliminate
tension, and overcome depression, depression and fear. So people feel pleasure
when kissing.

12. Kissing can treat anorexia

A report published in the British
“Daily Mail” stated that kissing can treat anorexia and make people
less eclipse. Oxytocin released from women during kissing can improve their
poor diet. Researchers administered oxytocin nasal sprays to 31 participants,
and then tested the tolerance of these subjects to food, obesity, etc., and
their response to negative emotions. Oxytocin is also known as the “love
hormone” and “hug compound”. Women release this substance during
kissing, having sex, having children,
and breastfeeding. Studies have found that oxytocin can alleviate excessive
attention to diet and weight in patients with anorexia, and make them no longer
entangled in negative emotions. It turned out that people who received the
oxytocin nasal spray no longer felt disgusted with food and their eating habits
tended to be normal.

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