12 intimacy issues in marriage and sex love and relationships

they are laughing for intimacy issues in marriage

If there is a problem of boring sex life
between husband and wife, the first thing to consider is whether there is an
emotional problem between the husband and wife. If there is
intimacy issues in marriage in the
relationship and
sex issues
in relationships and men with intimacy issues
between husband
and wife, but only because the relationship has changed over time and faded. So
what are the problems in the relationship? There are
12 intimacy
issues in marriage and sex love and relationships.

1. Why
should I stick my tongue out when kissing?

The tongue looks very low-key, but it is
actually made up of 8 flexible muscles.

The tongue is the strongest and most
powerful muscle in the human body. The tongue nerves are very developed. There
are 12 pairs of nerves in the brain, and 5 pairs are used to communicate with
the tongue. In addition, there are thousands of “nipples” on the
tongue, and 2000-8000 taste buds are hidden. If you want to taste sweet love,
of course you have to stretch your tongue! Studies have shown that 59% of boys
and 66% of girls have a lower degree of affection towards each other after the
first kiss.

2. The
left ear is more sensitive
to love words

A study by Sam Houston State University
in the United States found that the left ear of a person is more sensitive to
love words. The left ear can remember 70% of love words, and the right ear can
only remember 58% of the content. Because the human left ear is controlled by
the right brain, and the right hemisphere is responsible for perceptual and
intuitive thinking in the human brain division, which is more sensitive to
emotional experiences.

hour law

If the first date is successful, 97% of
men said they would call each other again within 72 hours.

4. Hug
for 20 seconds can produce oxytocin

Hug for 20 seconds can produce oxytocin,
which makes the other person like you more, just like the biohormone stimulated
by painkillers. However, you still have to pay attention to who you hold.

5. The
lower the blood sugar of a couple, the higher the chance of a fight

Hunger can make people sensitive and
irritable, and only when you are full can you think
about making love.

6. Body
odor is an important factor in attracting the opposite sex

The special body odor of each person is
an important factor in attracting each other with the opposite sex. The greater
the difference in immune gene combination between the two, the more attractive.

7. How
much time does boys spend looking at girls?

A boy spends an average of a whole year
looking at girls in his lifetime.

8. What
happens when couples stare at each other?

in love
, after staring at each other for three minutes, their heart rates
will be synchronized.

9. What
happens when you marry your best friend?

By marrying your best friend, the risk
of divorce can be reduced by more than 70%.

Choose people
with few friends carefully. If you get divorced, you will
lose a marriage and a good friend.

11. How
can I find the other half?

The probability of finding your partner
in a dark place is 20% higher than in the light. When the lights are dark,
people are more relaxed and more likely to get close
to each other

Boys prefer girls who say “no”

Because men prefer moving and waiting
targets, they are extremely sensitive to running prey.

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