What is the best mindset to have before going into a relationship?

Being loyal to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

A relationship most needs the loyality. I have seen many lovers broke up wiht each other due to many factors, such as the family backgroundsalary gaphouses distance, and unloyality and so on. During these factors, the unloyality rankes in the first place.

Why do we need the loyality in the love relationship? Because when we decide to be with each other, our boyfriend or girlfriend are our mot important person, who will accompany us to spend our time in our whole life. Maybe when we live with each other together, we may face many problems or barriers. But we should know that our boyfriend or girlfriend will always accompany us forever without abandoning us, if we are loyal to our relationship.

Thus, whatever we may face, we should be loyal to our boyfriend or girlfriend and need to communicate with him or her. Never break up with him or her beacuse of the unloyality. Even not because of another boy or girl. If you hurt him or her in this way, he or she may not believe the love. After all, you were once attracted by him or her and fell in love with him or her. Even if you don’t love him  or her, you still should tell him or her in a loyal attitude.

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