3 dating rules about how to date for men picking up!

he is learning the dating rules for picking up her

men and women are dating online, chat topics will be very popular;
offline dating, they will be at a loss, the dating atmosphere is very cold and
awkward. So how can we make a better first impression on the other party? How
to date? If you want a perfect date, you must know three tips!

How to date: fully confident and dare to admit your emotions

dating, you have to accept your tension and don’t reject or deny it. When you
meet for the first time, you may be nervous and talk uncomfortable. At this
time, you can pause for a while, and bravely admit to the other party:
“I’m sorry, I am very happy to see you, it makes me a little
nervous…”. Your honesty, on the contrary, can create a credible first
impression for you, and maybe you can get the favor of the other party. If you
pretend to be calm, but you roll inside and cause your thinking to be unclear,
your speech is illogical and you don’t mind, you will probably have no good

2. How
to date:
If you can’t answer the other party’s question, you can reverse
the question and turn embarrassment into an opportunity

understand your question in this way. You may want to use this question to find
out if I am a person who cares for the family. If so, my answer is… On the
other hand, I may not fully understand yours. Meaning, or my answer does not
meet your standards for family. So, can you still accept my answer?”

In this
example, your answer shows that you respect the other person and try your best
to give the results of your sincere thinking. At the same time, you also
expressed your concerns and provided an opportunity for the other party to
express their true thoughts on this issue by means of “reverse questioning”.

How to date: When talking, put the woman as the center of the topic

research has shown that in the early stages of a blind date or in a relationship, if the
conversation between a man and a woman is centered on the woman, the chance of
a successful date is higher. Focusing on the woman is not to say that the man
does not speak; it is that the man should grasp topics that the woman is
interested in, willing to discuss, and convenient to talk; by asking questions
and assisting her experience on the same topic, the woman has more
opportunities to express . The topic here does not necessarily refer to her
private life, but her views on work, social phenomena, and even small
complaints about transportation, shopping, and so on in life, which can be

4. How
to date: Behave as a gentleman, appropriate and decent

Do you
understand the culture and family background of your date? What you think is
appropriate and appropriate, is it still appropriate in the context of the
other person? Whether the two match up is the most critical issue in dating.
Therefore, you have to understand the other party’s background in advance, and
the “etiquette and rules” revealed in these backgrounds to the
extreme, it is an effective signal that you can highlight “I and you are
in good agreement”.

careful, don’t do it when dating:

don’t talk about your ex! Don’t lie about your past
relationship experience!

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