3 tips about opposite sex friendship being abnormal

No just drawing, but for an abnormal relationship

Everyone has their own opinions on the
difference between friendship and love
. When most men and women are in
love, it is easy to misunderstand opposite sex friendship around their
boyfriend or girlfriend. When quarreling with each other, you often say “I
and he (she) are just friends”. However, this explanation is really pale.
So, if you want to protect your love, you need to understand some tips
about being over the opposite
sex friendship

When the
sex friendship
has a super-friendship
relationship, there are often three signs:

1. opposite sex friendship exceeds
the normal range: responsive

If your friend of the opposite sex falls in love with you, he will be
responsive to you. When a person is responsive to you, it proves that you are
in a different place in his mind. Because everyone’s time is precious, no one
will waste their time and energy on people they don’t like. If a person is
willing to spend a certain amount of time and energy on your behalf; all the
requirements for you are fulfilled with all your heart, it also proves that his
feelings for you are extraordinary, even exceeding the normal friendship of the
opposite sex.

sex friendship exceeds
the normal range: unconditional preference

In real life, a
person who really loves you
can’t conceal his feelings for you.
Unconditional preference is the best proof. If the other party is willing to
favor you unconditionally, it proves that your place in his mind is very
important. Because preference is a way of expressing love, but also a kind of
emotional selflessness. In heterosexual relationships, if the relationship
between the two is beyond the limits of friends, the other party will also
unconditionally favor you; because he does not want you to be wronged in real
life, he wants to give you a safe haven.

3. opposite sex friendship exceeds the normal range: frequent
physical contact

When interacting with the opposite sex, ordinary men and women will
deliberately maintain a certain distance, which is also called a sense of
proportionality; if the friendship between the two is good, they will also have
physical contact. But when the friendship between two people of the opposite
sex exceeds the normal range, they will naturally have physical contact. You
have to know one thing:
Really ordinary friends will keep a certain
distance from each other physically; and if the friendship between two people
of the opposite sex has changed, it can be clearly seen through physical

If the opposite sex has the above three points in the process of
communication, it proves that opposite
sex friendship between the two people is beyond friendship. I hope everyone can be
brave and decisive when facing feelings; I
hope we can all cherish the people around us and reap our own happiness.

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