10 skills for women in sex love and relationships

they are sleeping after sex

Almost all men hope that women
can take the initiative in sex sometimes, but our education tells us that women
should be reserved, but there are times when reserved can’t be controlled
open relationship facts, so “Why do women
embarrass women” in
sex love
and relationships? There are 10 skills about facts
about online dating.

1. Call
him at work and gently tell him that your underwear is missing, or that you
didn’t wear it today in
sex love
and relationships
. These words are enough to make
him rush home the first time he gets off work and hug you in bed.

2. Call
him before get off work and tell him you will wait for him, and then
deliberately stay with him late in the office, and then when there are only two
people left in the office, then you can talk to him. In the future, every time
you call to his office, this episode will arouse many of his fantasies in
sex love and relationships.

3. Make
love in different rooms at home every day. If you have tasted all the rooms,
try a new position in each room.

4. Please don’t
use old T-shirts or sweatpants as pajamas. Wear underwear that slips off
easily, or tight-fitting T-shirts, or vaguely ambiguous pajamas. Of course,
sometimes wear one of his pajamas or T-shirts in sex love and relationships. Don’t wear
any underwear. It can also make him emotional.

5. Bathing
before going to bed can be a very good foreplay. Instead of letting him watch
TV in the hall, asking him to help you put soap on your back, and let him
massage you, it is very likely that yours will automatically become the object
of bathing because he can’t stand it in
sex love and relationships. Then
go on.. . Then you can imagine.

6. Eating
can also be a sexy thing, send those soft foods to the other person, and at the
same time send a soft look to the past…Strawberries are wonderful, any soft
juice It is also wonderful.

7. You
should have a very simple, hug, caress and kiss in
sex love and relationships.

8. Skin
closeness does not have to be expressed in bed, beautiful sexual relations
should be ubiquitous, every time you touch the other person’s body, it is an
opportunity to show intimacy, whispering in the ears, use voice to seduce His
soul wanders around his body with dexterous hands, casting spells to liberate
the cells of his body, or a few charming eyes, it is an action to store sexual
energy anytime and anywhere, this kind of suggestive effect Body language, like
a warm-up activity before sex, is more like an infinite extension of
sex love and relationships. You
can deliberately create opportunities for each other’s bodies in private or in
public, in the car, in the restaurant, or in the cinema. Touching,
sliding your fingertips across his
hips, inadvertently playing with his
buttons, or tapping his thighs. Although there is no actual contact, the body
is ready to go.

9. Why
don’t you create an opportunity to let him know your desire for him, send an
e-mail full of erotic words, secretly stuff a small note in his wallet, even if
it’s just a few words, any provocative words. Conveying the idea that you love
him and want him at any time is like a process of treasure hunting in
sex love and relationships. Your message
of love is a clue full of surprises, and he is also happy to be in such a
search according to the picture, you are him The greatest treasure.

10. spend a
little time stimulating his body, which is a necessary warm-up activity,
scratching his lower body with hair, starting from the belly button and
reaching his knees. This
feeling is really good in sex
love and relationships.

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