10 long term relationship advice

they are lying after sex for with long term relationship advice

The most common problem with bed
activities is that men are microwave ovens and can be done with just a few buttons,
but women are slow cooks. What if the husband and wife are out of sync? What if
the sex of couples heats up quickly? There are 10
term relationship advice

1. Hug her until she wants to leave

A kissing master can excite women the
most, but don’t underestimate the power of a warm hug, especially if she takes
the initiative to hug. Let her know that you don’t want to stop hugging her
long term relationship advice.

2. Give her a pair of sexy underwear

If you think that giving ordinary
underwear is too old-fashioned, then choose sexy underwear. Find a time when it
looks like you don’t want to have sex, such as when you are eating in a
restaurant, hand it to her under the table and ask her to change it in the
bathroom. It seems exaggerated, but the door of her lust is just beginning to
be opened. Of course, it is not recommended to use this trick on the first
date if you do not want sex
in long
term relationships.

3. Whisper in her ear

In public places and parties, tell her
what you want to do later: “Tonight, I will let you continue to climax
sex in long term relationships.”
For women, this interaction is as exciting as real combat.

4. With her name on her lips

Women like men calling their names. Use
her name in a special way, for example: call her name in the middle of a
sentence, write her name on your shoulder, on your hand-wherever she can see
it. This is a painless tattoo, but it will bring joy to people. This will make
her happy, and she will think you care about her.

5. Don’t send flowers, send cards

Putting a bunch of flowers in the office
is a bit outdated. If you want to be special, send a card. This ingenious
thought makes your female partner want you even when
they are not sex
. Start with the “thank you card” and write some
details about how you never had a chance to thank her-make breakfast for you on
Sunday morning and clean up your beard stubble that fell on the sink. The woman
who gets your praise during the day will also give you back in the evening.

6. Tell her why you love her

Everyone will say “I love
you”, but it is more difficult for a man in love to explain why he loves.
Maybe it was the way she bit chocolate, or the coquettish look of her nose
wrinkled slightly when she drank strong alcohol for
sex in long term relationships. The more unique
reasons you give her, the more special she feels.

7. Put her picture in the wallet

A seemingly common practice is to hide a
picture of her in your wallet. This move is good, and it has benefited a lot.
Women naturally like to look around for things. When she flips to the wallet or
catches a glimpse of it by chance, it is undoubtedly a secret joy to her for sex in long term

8. Remember the details of your being

If you want to have a perfect life
tonight and in the future, you have to remember everything when you were
together for the first time: where you were, what she was wearing, what you
talked about, and how you felt. Frequent recitation, this is a great event for
the future even in
sexless marriage

9. Paint her lips

Grooming a woman is a reverse behavior.
She will feel embellished and served, and it will also make her feel that some
part of her body attracts you. Other methods: shave her feet, apply toe oil,
and wash her hair. According to a foreign online survey, 76% of men have washed
their partners’ hair for avoiding sexless marriage

10. Kiss her joints

Although you already know which parts of
her should be kissed, now change your focus: her knees, elbows, shoulders,
ankles, neck, hips. Do not caress for a long time, but these parts are very
sensitive. See if you can make her crazy for
sex in long term relationships.

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