10 key inexperienced boyfriend advice for boys

she opens her mouse without knowing inexperienced boyfriend advice

A good relationship will make us better, but a bad
relationship will make us embarrassed and become less like ourselves. Life is
just a few decades, so why wrong yourself? We have to love and love those who
are worthy of love. Love experience, for you who have not left the single! 10 key inexperienced boyfriend
for boys

1. Do not chase
girls for more than three months

I didn’t like you for three months. Why would I agree to
you in the end without inexperienced boyfriend advice for boys?

2. Attraction is
more important than moving

a girl
is not simply touching her. Pure touch is wrong. Girls don’t like
you just because you are kind to her. If you want a girl to like you, the correct
way is to only attract a girl enough that she will have a great interest in

3. Don’t be
poisoned by idol dramas

Girls like the domineering president’s figure,
appearance, career, and the chic when paying for money, not the
“dominant” character itself. If you have no money, shame, and body,
you still want to engage in machismo without inexperienced boyfriend advice for

4. Ask yourself
before pursuing

Before chasing a girl, ask yourself, why do you like her? Is it because she or because you are still a girl gave you a
good impression, so you want to understand her, take care of her, and be nice
to her? If it is the first two, I advise you to proceed with caution!

5. Keep the

Don’t chat with girls whenever you have time, or even
bombard them with information. You can take care of your own business and
participate in other social activities. If the feedback is good, the girls will
have more talks. If the feedback is not good, leave the scene in time. Don’t
ignore the
girls’ reactions
and blindly release the availability without inexperienced boyfriend advice for
boys. It’s too easy to get and don’t cherish it. It’s like
reading a book at once, and it’s far less happy than waiting for the author to

6. Be able to chat

, not to say how much you talked, but to create topics. In other words,
the atmosphere is far greater than what you are talking about. Even if you
publish a love story, it is much more interesting than a hard chat. The
atmosphere of the chat depends on the mood of the girl, the quality of the
topic, and most importantly, who you are.

7. Confession is
just a promise

To find the right time to confess, confession is just to
pierce the last layer of “window paper”. Blind confession not only
brings pressure to girls, but also affects your relationship
t inexperienced
boyfriend advice for boys. The confession is a promise you made in
time after a period of ambiguousness, to give girls peace of mind. It’s like
resigning. You have found your next home before you can resign with confidence.

8. Position

What kind of girl you will attract. If you are thinking
about making girls all day, then what you attract is how to make girls who are
handsome. If you are mature and prudent, you will naturally attract independent
and excellent girls. It’s like many boys can’t catch up with the girl they
like. It’s better to think about whether you have become the kind of person you
want without inexperienced
boyfriend advice for boys!

9. Cultivate

Try to understand the preferences of girls and cultivate
common interests. The deeper the bond and link between the two, the more
difficult it is to give up, because the cost of separation is too great.

10. Attitude is
more important than reason

When men and women get along, remembering this sentence
can help you avoid 80% of the unpleasantness in your love experience-attitude
is more important than reason without inexperienced boyfriend advice for boys!

For example-a girl is moved and cried when watching a
drama. The reason is that you say all of them are fake, but your attitude is
that you move with her. Girls like romance, the reason is that you say that money
is not affordable, and the attitude is that you try to satisfy her. When you
quarrel, the reason is that you have to fight to win or lose, and the attitude
is that you will never leave.

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