What is some dating advice for men?

1. Boys must have a plan in advance, and give 2-3 reliable plans for girls to choose.

2. Boys have to pay.

3. Pay attention to the dress of the girl, and compliment it naturally after meeting

4. Choose the rhythm of walking according to the girl’s dress.

6. The attitude towards the waiter should be gentle and polite throughout the process, even if something unpleasant happens! !

7. It is not recommended to give gifts on the first date, but you can find a good cake shop on the way to the end and buy a cake for the girl as a supper or the next morning.

8. Offer to send girls home.

9. Tell the girl to text herself when she goes upstairs or when she gets home.

10. Remember not to ask the girl how the date is like that night or the next day, silly question! ! !

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