What does nobody tell you about relationships?

1. Make a prank, don’t overdo it, but in moderation

2. Most boys cannot refuse to be sexy

3. Always remember that you are the center of the other person

4. Don’t keep testing each other

5. Don’t treat sex as a prerequisite for love

6. If there is a conflict, you can try intimate contact to relieve the cold and awkward atmosphere.

7. Remember your anniversary

8. Don’t chat with other opposite sex

9. Don’t go too close to your target’s friends

10. Don’t expose each other’s shortcomings in front of friends

11. Give each other all the tenderness

12. Try new things with each other

13. Start a new relationship, don’t dwell on your ex

14. Actively cooperate with the other party to shoot vibrato videos! ! ! (Key Point)

15. Cheating hurts you, you have to learn to punish the other party.

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