What are the perks of dating you, summed up in a short paragraph?

Some tips for chatting with girls online

The first stage of online dating is to chat for a few days. After the first message is favored and the reply is received, you should not feel hurried. Just wait! The followings will give you a help.

1. Don’t start with your own business

The guys I just met said: “I played very well today”, “I’m tired when I went hiking today”, “I want to eat with friends tonight”. “look my new cars” and so on.

So… What the hell did you do? At this time, you find that the girl may respond to you with a sticker, smiling face, yes, haha, which means she doesn’t know what to return!

2. Don’t directly flirt girls in some “sensitive words”

I found that some boys like to show up himself.

There are some examples including “baby”, “ like you”, “want us” and so on. First, you do not know her attitude. If you did it in this way, you had lost the chance to have a dating. For some girls, this behavior is very rude! Never do it!

3. Don’t keep asking very general (difficult to answer) questions

“What are your hobbies?”, “Are you busy at work?”, “What are you doing after get off work?”, “What do you like to eat?”

I have a lot of interests, should I talk about it for three days and three nights? Or I have no interest at all, how do I answer?

After get off work, I do different things every day, such as exercising, eating with colleagues and friends, cooking, watching Korean dramas, chatting, and surfing the Internet, but aren’t they actually similar to everyone?

4. Don’t post some insult words

For most girls, they hate this behavior. And they suppose that you are a very very bad guy.

5. Don’t write without emotional ups and downs

This is a bit difficult to describe, but it is easy for boys to make people feel emotional when chatting in text, or misunderstand. It may also be because some boys don’t like to use emoji or exclamation points, but it is quite important to use auxiliary emotions other than words in a timely manner to let the other party understand your happiness.

6. Don’t call girls without their permission

When you do not receive girls’ reply, do not call them. Especially without their permission, it’s very rude for you to call her. If you did this, you would give her a bad impression.

I suppose that after writing this, many men may count arrows. I want to say that the more gentle you are, the higher possibility you will have a date with a girl. Actually it’s not difficult, just follow the tips below! You can do it and have a good online dating!

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