What are some tips for long-distance relationships?

1 Calmly state the facts, plus real feelings and expectations.
2 Do not turn over old accounts, and do not personally attack from point to face.
3 Gives a progress bar for emotional relief.

4 Don’t test for the test. Boys think that a girlfriend who is obedient enough to love himself.

5 Sooth the emotions of the other party first, then discover the underlying problem, and then solve it.
6. Patience, 100% patience. Wait patiently for the other party’s reply, wait patiently for the weekend to be able to video, wait patiently for the meeting, patiently make plans, and wait patiently for the day when the end of the remote place arrives.
7. More contact, more sharing, loyal, honest, and patient. These are the must-dos for long-distance couples.

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