Have you ever known a white woman in an interracial relationship with an Indian guy? How did it go/how is it going, especially concerning where they are/were living and whether the families accept it? Does one person have to give up their culture?

Yes, my friend does. When i was in the university, i made a friend with a white woman. She was an exchange student in our university, and i was arranged for being an interpretator to help her adjust to the life in the campus.

Once, she experienced a bad date with her ex-boyfirend sue to the distance. Because she lived in China, being an exchange student, while her ex-boyfriend lived in their common hometown country. Due to the long distance, her ex-boyfriend derailed and broken up with her. Actually, at that time, she did not knew the truth. Until one day, a girl suddently contacted with her and told her the information. That time was the worst time for her, because she lived in a new country without her families.

When i got on with her, she told me her story. At that time, i was very angry that her ex-boyfriend was a bad guy. Seeing her terrible state, i tried to take her to be familiar with many new places in the campus. And i took her to play basketball and made friends with my roommates. Even, when we had free time, i would take her to go shop with me and my roommates. We together watched movies, tried on new clothes, and slected new decorations, and so on.

Slowly, she refreshed and regained a confidance towards life.

Recently, i found that she showed two pictures about the chat between her and her new boyfriend, an Indian guy. These are their chat contents.

They meet with each other from a social app for making friends. Actually, i do not agree with their love. Because different people have different choices toward love.

If you have an interest in this app for making friends with different peole from different countries, i will put the download link on the comments!

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