What problems do you meet in reddit sex advice?

problems do you meet in reddit sex advice? Sexual behavior is
indispensable for both husband and wife. It can not only reproduce the next
generation, but also increase the emotional communication between husband and
wife. However, sexual behavior is prone to a variety of problems, such as
impotence, premature ejaculation, frigidity or pain, etc., which requires
correct understanding and not too much psychological pressure. What problems do
sexual behavior easily occur?

1. Premature

problems do you meet in reddit
sex advice
? During sex, the glans is exposed after the penis is erected, and
ejaculation occurs when the glans and vagina are frictionally stimulated. This
is caused by the delicate and sensitive glans mucosa. During sex, the friction
time between the penis and the vagina is prolonged, which will form a cuticle
on the surface of the glans, which can protect the glans and prolong the time
of sex.

2. Impotence

problems do you meet in reddit sex advice? Most of the
impotence is related to psychological factors. As long as the psychological
anxiety and fear are eliminated in time, the dialectical use of drugs or the
active treatment of the primary disease can completely cure the impotence
problem. When impotence occurs, you should not blindly use kidney and yang
drugs, otherwise dependence will occur.

3. Pain during

problems do you meet
in reddit sex advice? Feeling of
discomfort or pain during sex is mainly related to insufficient secretion of
love fluid, which mainly occurs in virgins and menopausal women. The painful
area is inside the vulva or vagina. In severe cases, it will radiate to the
waist, back and abdomen. If sexual intercourse pain is not treated or corrected
in time, it will affect normal sexual life and destroy family harmony. There is
also a 15-minute foreplay before each sex, which can promote the secretion of
love fluid and reduce pain. Water-soluble lubricants can also be selected.

4. Vaginismus

problems do you meet in reddit sex advice? Vaginismus is a
symptom of sexual dysfunction. During sex, the pelvic floor muscles and vagina are contracted
uncontrollably and continuously, so that the erect penis cannot be inserted
normally. Even if the penis can be inserted, there will be obvious pain and
discomfort after sex. Most vaginismus is caused by psychological factors, such
as sexual trauma, wrong sex education and lack of knowledge of sex, etc., so
there will be fear, anxiety and tension during sex, which leads to vaginismus.

In addition, people suffering from certain diseases,
congenital dysplasia of genital organs or improper sexual posture can also
cause vaginismus, such as vaginal diaphragm, thick hymen, suffering from
vaginitis or vulvitis, lack of excitement during sex or too rough movements,
etc. . During sex, a protective reflex appears due to severe pain, which
eventually leads to vaginismus.

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