How do women make masturbation?

she has a big bra without knowing masturbation

do women make masturbation? In the life of
both sexes, it is often difficult for women to get orgasms, but there are many
women who get orgasms when masturbating. So, among the many masturbation
methods, what are the methods that can make women kill orgasms in seconds? The
following masturbation methods can not only make
a woman orgasm
, but also make people blush and heartbeat!

1. Sprayer
masturbation method

do women make masturbation? This method is
suitable for bathing. You can find a sprayer and fill it with warm water after
sanitary treatment. Then the vagina is straightened up so that the sprayer
sprays the water mist onto the clitoris. This method is relatively simple, and
it uses water mist to stimulate the clitoris to obtain orgasm.

2. Shower head
masturbation method

do women make masturbation? There are no
longer a few people who
in the bath, and many women use shower heads to masturbate. The
method we are talking about today is slightly different from the shower head.
First remove the shower head and let the water flow directly on the clitoris.
However, by squeezing the water pipe to change the intensity of the water flow,
you can also block most of the water pipe openings with your fingers to make
changes, thereby causing different
of stimulation to the clitoris.

3. Foreign object
masturbation method

do women make masturbation? In this way, we
need to lie down on the ground with the help of external objects, with our
lower body against an object, and stimulate the clitoris through the movement
of the body. Of course, in cold weather, we’d better do it in bed, but there
are some limitations. Or, we can get pleasure by rubbing a corner of the
furniture, but pay attention to the smoothness and cleanliness of the

4. Padded stool
masturbation method

do women make masturbation? Stools are
available in every family. But what
I need
today is an upholstered stool. When you lie down on a padded stool,
keep your balance and rub the clitoris with the corner of the stool. During
masturbation, you can raise your hands and feet, which will give you the
feeling of flying during orgasm, which is very wonderful.

5. Pillow

do women make masturbation? Pillows are also
the first choice for many women to masturbate. Tuck the pillow between your
legs, that is, ride on the pillow. Twist one corner of the pillow into a hard
corner and press your clitoris deeply, you will also feel super pleasure.

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