Do you know slate sex advice column?

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you know slate sex advice column? Sex
is not a matter of one person, especially after marriage, the quality of sex is
related to the feelings of two people. A harmonious sex not only makes
the relationship
between the two people better and better, but also
benefits the health.

some people just don’t want to have sex and lose interest in sex. Blindly
avoiding is not allowed, you must face it bravely and find a solution,
otherwise it will affect the lives of two people. Next, let us take a look at
why people experience decline in sexual desire. Why does libido decline?

1. Psychologically very exclusive

you know slate sex advice column? Some
people are not interested in sex because they reject sex psychologically. Some
are because they have been treated badly in their sex, which has caused a
psychological shadow. Some are because family education from a young age makes
them repulsive and hate sex. Regardless of the psychological reasons, positive
adjustments should be made.

2. Bad relationship between husband and wife

and love
should not be separated. In the eyes of many people, only a good
relationship can make sex harmonious. If the husband and wife are very
indifferent and have a very big conflict, it is basically impossible to let
them continue to be very harmonious in their sex.

3. Poor quality of sex

you know slate sex advice column? If
two people are not in harmony at the beginning of sex, the quality of sex is
very poor, and the experience is very bad, so that sex will lose its appeal. There
are also some people who choose not to have sex because they have been together
for too long and lose their freshness and appeal.

4. The body is too tired

Nowadays, the
pace of life
is getting faster and faster. Many people are facing a lot of
psychological pressure at work and have to struggle actively, making their
bodies very exhausted and even overdrawing. Sex depends on the state. If the
body is very exhausted, it will not perform well in sex, which makes two people
unhappy, so some people gradually get used to the abstinence life.

5. Affected by age

you know slate sex advice column? There
are peaks and valleys in human sexual desire in life. With age, people’s sexual
desire will inevitably decline. This is a normal physiological phenomenon.
Therefore, many middle-aged and elderly people are less and less interested in
sex, but this situation can be reversed.

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