6 sex advice for men and women

she has 6 sex advice with her sexy ass

Sex is a seasoning for both husband and wife. Maintaining
regular sex life can promote the feelings between husband and wife and relax
the body
and mind to a certain extent. In fact, sex is not very mysterious.
It is necessary to understand its related content to avoid being hit by sex self-esteem.
There are 6 sex advice for men and

1. A virgin may
not bleed

do you improve your sex with sex advice? It is not
possible to judge whether a virgin is a virgin by whether there is bleeding in
the first sex. The bleeding in the first sex is due to the tear of the hymen.
Each woman’s physique is different, and the hymen organization will be
different. Some women are born without hymen. Different hymen have different
thickness and blood vessel distribution. Masturbation or sports may cause hymen to rupture.

2. It’s important
to do foreplay

do you improve your sex with sex advice? Some young people
directly enter the sex mode because they can’t stand the firewood, which will
cause women’s resentment and affect the quality of sex. Research has found that
the more foreplay, the greater the probability of orgasm. When a woman is aroused,
her lower body will feel swelling and a large amount of vaginal secretions will
flow out, which increases its lubricity and makes it easier for the penis to be
inserted. Foreplay cannot be ignored before sex.

3. Use lubricants
appropriately during sex

do you improve your sex with sex advice? Reasonable use of
lubricants can make sex better, and lubricants can make the process of sex more
comfortable and fun. Try
to choose
silicone or water-based lubricants, because oily lubricants can
damage the rubber condoms and may cause contraception failure.

4. The goal of sex
is not just to reach orgasm

do you improve your sex with sex advice? The purpose of
making love is not just to achieve orgasm, but to explore the partner’s body
and enjoy the process during sex. Most people cannot achieve orgasm in their
first sexual life. This is mainly because they have not done enough foreplay
and couples have not explored the beauty of their bodies with each other.

5. Men will have
premature ejaculation for the first time in life

do you improve your sex with sex advice? Most men will have premature ejaculation
during their first sexual life, mainly due to excessive tension or lack of
sexual experience. Don’t worry too much. This is a normal phenomenon. With the
frequent sex, good cooperation between husband and wife can enjoy the pleasure
brought by sex.

6. Imitating
pornography will disappoint you

do you improve your sex with sex advice? Many teenagers
like to watch pornography, and they also want to look for violent behaviors and
difficult positions similar to those in pornography. The result will disappoint
you. Usually you can learn more about simple postures about sex, and both
spouses seek fresh stimulation, which will bring you unexpected results.

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