How to keep relationship when dating a non affectionate person?

she takes a signs when dating a non affectionate person

to keep relationship when dating a non affectionate person? After the couple has passed the period of passionate love and entered a period
of indifference, many people’s first reaction is to be afraid, afraid of
something, afraid of breaking up. Because most of the short-term
ended at the end of the cold period just after the end of the
passion period. Every time you fall in love, if you talk for two to three
months or even shorter, you die. So, how do couples maintain their feelings
after the passion period? 3 methods:

1. Experience new
when dating a non affectionate person

During your passionate love, you are both unknown to each
other, and the things you experience together are also fresh. Holding hands for
the first time, kissing for the first time, watching a movie for the first
time, for the first time…every time I can discover something new on the other
person, and get a different feeling each time. And as you are in love longer,
you become more familiar with each other, and the things you do together tend
to be repetitive when dating a non affectionate person.

Dates, eating, sleeping, and everything you do every day
are all copied and pasted from yesterday. Then your brain will be lazy and
delete these highly convergent memories, so you will feel that day after day,
the good memories are stored less and less, and the topics between two people become

So if you want to awaken your passion, you must jump out
of the current “repetitive emotional track”, try new
together, and create new memories and new topics between you. For
example, two people periodically do new things together.

2. Maintain a
sense of boundary
when dating a non affectionate person

What is a sense of boundary? To put it simply, it is to
keep one’s own bottom line and not easily invade others’ space. Boundary is
like a basic principle in a relationship: to help you distinguish between what
you can control and what you cannot control.

• What you can’t
After breaking up, you crazily contact him, the crazier
you are, the more he ignores you. You cannot accept rejection and being left
out. This is within your control. Your own
needs and emotions
need to be controlled and resolved by yourself. Remember
that others have the freedom to answer your calls and not to answer your calls.
This is beyond your control.

• What you can
To love someone, you must have principles and a bottom
line. This is what you can control when dating a non affectionate person.

But in
relationships, many girls are just the opposite:

Within one’s own boundaries, there is only 0% control.
There is no bottom line and principle, and men are allowed to violate their own
boundaries. Outside their own boundaries, they have 100% control, which tightly
restrains men in an attempt Get a sense of security with everything in control
of the other when
a non affectionate person.

The correct approach should be: within our borders, we
have 100% control and keep our bottom line; outside the borders, we have only
0% control and do not easily invade the space of others.

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