How do you know man responsibility?

he is thinking " How do you know man responsibility?"

do you know man responsibility? In a marriage, quarrels between husbands
and wives are inevitable. Sometimes, occasional small quarrels can better
maintain each other’s emotions, because in the process of quarreling, they can
know each other’s relationship. Ma’s inner thoughts, life, and opinions of the
other party, make timely corrections after the problems arise.

do you know man
? If a man cannot shoulder his sense of responsibility for marriage, it is
difficult for his wife to recognize him. In the eyes of his wife, his husband
is like an adult who has not grown up. He cannot be satisfied and cannot be a
spiritual sustenance. Men who lack a sense of responsibility lack
responsibility in doing things, because they don’t have too much assertiveness
and their family status is low.

In the life after
marriage, men are busy working on their careers outside, often ignoring certain
principles in marriage that need to be understood, and they will also have
emotions when they are tired of life.

1. How do you know man responsibility? I often blame my wife. After the two people entered
into marriage
, the life began to return to the ordinary, without the
passion of love, more pots and pans and tea oil sauce vinegar, whether it is
the wife complaining to the husband or the husband complaining to the wife, it
is likely that they are not in the ordinary life. Willingly. As a man, he
should first take the responsibility to change the status quo of his life,
rather than complain about his wife for psychological comfort. The real
understanding between husband and wife is exchanged through communication. Only
by solving problems can it be possible to reduce unsatisfactory life and live a
good life.

2. How do you know man responsibility? Ignore the contribution of his wife. Men who work hard
outside often think that their wives are worthless, and often ignore the wife’s
contribution to the family, leading to discord. In fact, there is a saying in
the marriage tradition that “men dominate the outside and women
the inside”, which explains that men make money outside to
support the family, and women do housework at home have the same contribution
to marriage. There is no need or reason for men to think that their wives are
in foster care. The little woman who has this kind of thought gets along with
his wife, and over time, it is easy for the wife to be dissatisfied with her
husband and leave the family.

3. How do you know man responsibility? Have bad habits. In love, a man may look handsome with some bad habits, but if things go on like this, it will not only affect the
quality of personal life, but also lead to a decline in the quality of family
life, discord with the husband and wife, and even bad habits will affect the
growth of children. For a woman who puts family first, bad habits are fatal. If
bad habits such as smoking, alcoholism, and unsanitary are not changed, the
wife will lose confidence in the marriage and the marriage will go to the
grave. If a man decides to stay in love with his wife, he should correct his
bad habits, which is good for himself and his family.

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