6 slate sex advice for you

he needs slate sex advice

you know slate sex advice ? Lovers with high
satisfaction have a greater diversity in sex than those with low satisfaction.
The initiator of the survey, Dr. David Frederick, said that partners who have
remained enthusiastic in a long-term intimate relationship usually have a
higher frequency
of sex
, more oral love, more orgasms, and more diverse ways of sex. They
will spend more time sharing and expressing their emotions with their partners
and communicating their feelings and opinions about sex.

1. Do you know slate sex advice ? Massage your lover often. Massage methods can
be very rich, lying alone with closed eyes and playing music to relax
thinking about nothing, pure enjoyment. The other person serves
him, focuses on his feelings, and serves him for the purpose. The next time you
turn it around again, you can also massage each other at the same time in the
same sex to soothe each other.

you know slate sex advice ? Remember not to
just press on the sensitive parts of sex, do not massage the chest, outer yin
and little brother as soon as you come up, but to relax first, start with the
head, insert your hands into the hair, gently scratch the scalp with your
nails, or both Individuals massage each other’s legs and feet like the
69-style. Massaging the soles of the feet is very relaxing, and it is a
behavior that very intimate people will do.

2. Do you know slate sex advice ? Wear sexy underwear and erotic underwear.
Many girls’ outer clothes
are very beautiful
, but the underwear is very casual. In fact, the texture
of underwear can reflect personal taste very much. Don’t just get up just
because you are married. Even if you are already an old couple, you should pay
more attention to those private personal items.

3. Take a bath together, take a bath together. Many
lovers take a bath together, but probably most of the time it is not for the
purpose of teasing each other, but for saving trouble, time and water, not for

you know slate sex advice ? In fact, if you
want to keep the relationship hot all the time, you must not be lazy. If you
want to save trouble, don’t take a bath together. Once you have a bath
together, you should treat it as a process of flirting with a man and a girl.
The action should be more sexy
and incense
. Also wash the other party’s shower gel, don’t make wretched
movements, and don’t start rubbing the skin as soon as you come up. This will
greatly reduce the other party’s impression of you. Don’t wait until the fire
of passion has been extinguished before thinking about reigniting it, it will
be even more tiring.

4. Regular appointments. Two little loves at ordinary
times, one big love at weekends. Everyone may be very busy on weekdays. It may
be as simple as one or two times. On the weekend, take a day out, even if there
is only one night for a good date, talk about the latest things, and do
foreplay seriously.

5. Do you know slate sex
? A romantic escape
comes suddenly. What is escape? Occasionally lead a life that is different from
daily life, such as a walk-and-go trip, such as suddenly giving the other party
some unexpected gifts. Many people struggle to figure out what gifts to give
each other when they are in love. After marriage, they don’t care much about
it. This is wrong.

6. Use sex toys together. For example, vibrating eggs,
vibrators, and airplane cups. These props are not for single people. They can
also be used by lovers. They can add fun, and you don’t have to worry about
them being overwhelming. Because the human body’s largest sex organ is the
brain, no matter how good this vibrator or vibrator is, the other person will
only remember the person who had an interesting sex with her, not the prop. She
would only remember that I was with a very interesting lover.

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