Do you want some inexperienced boyfriend advice?

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Do you want some inexperienced boyfriend
advice? Why are girls always the main body when it comes to
feelings? The main reason is that girls always ask all kinds of confusion and
questions about feelings, and are more willing to talk about their feelings,
while boys are relatively less willing to talk about their emotional problems.
But in fact, the relationship needs both parties to pay and maintain together,
so boys are also indispensable for learning and exploring the
. Here are some advices for boys who have no love experience:

1. Reject violence

This is very, very important. Whenever we talk about
domestic violence, there are always some untimely voices: “It is only
right for a husband to beat his wife!” “For such a woman, just be

Do you want some inexperienced boyfriend
advice? First of all, this kind of argument has turned a
female into
a biological creature. Whether she is your wife or girlfriend,
she is a citizen with independent thinking and personality, not someone’s
private property. Secondly, apart from the law, no one is qualified to punish a
citizen. Therefore, to treat girls, do not ask boys to be gentle and
considerate, but you must not use violence against girls, and it is best not to
throw things in front of girls.

2. Facing
contradictions, learn to control your emotions

Boys should learn to control their emotions, and don’t vent
their bad temper on the person you love. No matter what you do, you have to ask
yourself, what is the purpose of doing this? Do you want to break up? If you
don’t want to break up, solve the problem instead of losing your temper. No
matter what conflicts occur, if you still want this relationship to continue,
stop the accusations and stop hurting each other.

3. Don’t promise

Do you want some inexperienced boyfriend advice? In love, couples will always make various promises:
“I will marry you!” “I will love you forever!” “Apart
from you, I will never have contact with other girls!” You promise Every
promise made by a girl will be kept in mind. A beautiful promise is like what a
girl expects of you. The better the promise, the higher the girl’s expectation
of you. When you break the promise, the more hurt the girl will be. Big. No
matter how firm and certain you are about this relationship, you should use
your actual actions to practice your love, rather than just using your mouth to
talk. Don’t make random promises, but the promises you make must be fulfilled

4. Don’t be humble in
your relationship

Every relationship needs to be maintained by both
parties, and unilateral efforts will not go far.

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