10 sex advice for men

she read books for best sex advice for men

How to give sex advice for men? Many men’s lack of knowledge about sex has caused them to suffer a lot
of losses, take a lot of detours, and spend a lot of money in the process of
solving sexual dysfunction. Here is a summary of 10 common and very important
common knowledge about men’s sex. I hope everyone can take the time to read
them carefully and carefully.

1. How to give
advice for men? Not only women have orgasm points, but men do. Touch the perineum behind
the testicles and close to the anus. When you gently touch this “sensitive
zone” with your hands, men will feel very comfortable.

2. Men who wear leggings, although they look handsome and
cool, are really bad for the genitals, because wearing leggings will cause
excessive temperature in the environment of the testicles, and long-term high
temperature for the testicles It will be killed in an environment where the sperm
is afraid of high temperature.

3. How to give sex
advice for men
? More than 90% of men suffering from
impotence and premature ejaculation are caused by psychological factors, and
only a few are due to physiological factors, such as diseases of the
reproductive organs, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, spinal injuries, drug
abuse, alcohol abuse, surgery, and gossip Age and so on.

4. About one-third of men are troubled by premature
ejaculation, and most people feel very low self-esteem after learning that they
have premature ejaculation. Some may choose to delay, some may choose to take
medicine for treatment. However, these are not the best solutions.

5. How to give sex advice for men? Due to the influence of movies, some men think that it takes 18
centimeters for a man to satisfy the target in an hour. These are very wrong
sexual concepts.

6. The penis is mostly composed of the cavernous body,
which is covered with a layer of epidermis. When sexually excited, the cavernous body will become congested, making the
penis harder, longer, and thicker for sexual activity. This is the so-called
” erection”.

7. How to give sex advice for men? Taking kidney-tonifying drugs can not treat impotence and premature
ejaculation. As mentioned in the fourth point above, most of the impotence and
premature ejaculation are caused by psychological factors, and impotence and
premature ejaculation do not belong to the category of diseases.

8. Masturbation will not cause impotence and premature
ejaculation, nor will it cause your kidney deficiency. Correct and reasonable
masturbation can not only help men ease their physical desires, but at some
point, it is also one of the ways to help men delay.

9. How to give sex
for men? 99% of people have backaches, weak limbs,
listlessness, sleepy sleepiness, decreased libido, and decreased sexual
performance, mostly caused by lack of exercise, insufficient sleep, excessive
fatigue, and long-term staying up late. For this situation, taking pills has no
effect on improvement. Only by strengthening physical exercise and maintaining
adequate sleep, work and rest can be solved.

10. prolonged sitting is easy to get prostatitis, this
sentence is true.

When a man sits down, the prostate will be compressed,
congested, and congested, which affects local blood circulation, making it more
difficult to discharge the prostate fluid, which not only easily induces
prostatitis, but also increases the risk of protracted prostatitis.

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