How do you know what makes a man commit?

she doesn't know what makes a man commit

How do you know what makes a man
commit? Men make many
promises when they fall in love. They will promise what they do or not.
Unfortunately, many of these promises will be violated. Most people in love
know that occasionally a small break in faith will not destroy the relationship
between the two. On the contrary, we should realize that some promises are
quite unfair.

Here are 7 promises made by men.

1. A promise not
to be jealous

Saying “I promise not to be jealous” is never
realistic. First, if you expect a man to keep this promise, you are asking him
to stop his true feelings. In most cases, this kind of promise is not feasible,
but in the promises that people make, this kind of promise is very common.
Instead of making your man promise not to show any signs of jealousy, talk
about how to dispel his concerns. Opening up to each other helps suppress this
feeling. Jealousy can develop into a dangerous, compulsive emotion, so it is
important to control it.

2. Promise not to
follow other women

How do you know what makes a man
commit? It may be
unrealistic to make a man promise to never pay attention to other women. From
your point of view, if you see an attractive man, it will attract your
attention. Even if you don’t stare, at least you have noticed him. This is a
natural reaction of people. Of course, there is a big difference between
staring at them and just noticing them. However, he took a look almost
subconsciously, and then went on with his own affairs, which is no big deal;
you might do it too!

3. No matter what,
he promised to never evaluate you

No matter how much men love you, they sometimes have
opinions contrary to you. Sometimes they think you are wrong. This does not
mean that they will not love you and support you when you need it, but they may have some ideas for

4. Promise not to
see his ex

How do you know what makes a man
commit? Men may make many
promises to you, promising never to see their ex. They said they would not text
or contact them again. But these promises are easy to make but difficult! If
you have been in a relationship before, you know that your thoughts about your ex
may appear quietly. If your ex sends a text message and politely asks you about
your situation, you might feel that you should reply with the same politeness.
Instead of banning him from contacting his ex, it is better for the two of you
to communicate frankly and openly. This kind of relationship will be healthier and more positive.

5. After the
argument, promise to change yourself

After a big quarrel, they promise to reform immediately.
They promised not to fight with you again. However, many times, you need to be
prepared for the fact that these promises will not be realized. It takes a long
way to change. If your man is working hard, even for a small change, you should
encourage him to speed up the process of change.

6. Promise not to
hide anything

How do you know what makes a man
commit? Men always say
that they will never hide anything from you, but they will not persist. It
should be noted that all concealment is based on distrust. However, just like a white lie, sometimes the concealment is also
white, perhaps not to worry you or something else. You need to establish a more
trusting relationship and conduct in-depth communication to let each other
understand that everything that happens will be undertaken together.

7. Promise to love
you forever and never give up

But the problem is that no one can predict the future. It
is full of twists and turns, anything can happen, people can change, feelings
can change, and husband and wife can separate. No one can predict the future
and the direction of future development, so even the best stories have bad
endings. What will frame your future is joint effort, understanding and
honesty, and effective communication. If none of you do your best, all the
promises in the world cannot prevent the breakup.

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