7 promise of what makes a man commit

they are looking at each other for what makes a man commit

“Promises are not guaranteed.” There are some men who like to
make promises to you, and some promises are often not realistic. In fact, you
must not be deceived by the man’s mouth, and you must also understand what kind
of things are truly meaningful to you. You have to know that men who make these
promises to you often don’t really love you. Don’t understand 7 promise of what makes a man commit

1. Tell you about the grand plan for the future

makes a man commit? There are some men who like to make big plans for
the future in front of you, and want to tell you those things that are very
important to you. In fact, they are just talking empty words in front of you.
If his actions are not proving, then the words he said will be even more

2. Promise to give you something

When a man promises to give you
something in front of you, his feelings in his heart are indeed very strong at
that time. But what kind of behavior will he do after he has said something?
Observing behavior is the most important thing. You can’t keep watching what he
says. Although what he says is nice and sweet,
if it doesn’t reach a certain standard, it will make people suspicious.

3. Tell you that there is only you in my heart

makes a man commit? When a man says something like this, a woman must never believe it.
Although these words sound very nice, if he is really only you in his heart,
you will definitely be able to feel it, instead of saying it through his mouth.

4. Willing to tolerate you forever

a man, he will be willing to tolerate you forever. There will always
be times when he can’t stand you, and at this time, the two of you will
definitely have conflicts. When conflicts arise, they must learn to resolve
them instead of moving out the sentence he said before. If he really likes you
and is really willing to tolerate you, then he will naturally do so. If you
touch his bottom line, then those who should communicate must learn to

5. No need to compare with others

makes a man commit? If a man tells you this way, then you should reflect on it. Is there a
problem with you? Or is there something wrong with him? When you compare with
others, you will definitely feel unwilling, and men will actually make you
better, rather than persuade you. If he thinks from his own perspective, then
you will feel his kind of strong attitude, and that kind of strength is
actually not

6. Promise that your family will like you very much

makes a man commit? When a man promises you this way, it means he wants you to follow him home.
At this time, you must think carefully, and don’t just follow a boy to his
house casually, because his parents are likely not to take you seriously. If
you go to his house, you have to make certain preparations, instead of choosing
to go home with the other person because of the boy’s words, so you have to
consider these things.

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