Will my affair partner miss me? 2 women tell you

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Will my affair partner miss me? There may be
variables in relationship and marriage, and the thoughts and behaviors of the
parties involved are the most direct factors that determine whether it is
normal or abnormal. Although everyone knows that extramarital
affairs a
re immoral, if the person’s thinking is biased, this kind of thing
becomes more complicated and uncontrollable.

Will my affair partner miss me? Of course, in the
end, because of nostalgia for marriage and family, some people who have cheated
on will still return to their families. But after their return, will they
really be completely relieved? If a woman cuts off an extramarital affair, will
she still be disconnected from her lover? Will my affair partner miss me? 2
women tell you.

1. Ms. Rui

Will my affair partner miss me? Why did you cheat
before? In fact, the main responsibility lies with me. Of course, I didn’t feel
that I was doing something wrong at that time. My husband’s attitude towards me
since getting married was not as good as I had imagined before marriage. He
always seemed very dull and alienated, which made me feel bored and depressed.
Because I think he
doesn’t love me
so much and life is very boring, I always love to run out
without problems, trying to find the happiness that is lacking in marriage by
dealing with others or playing together.

Will my affair partner miss me? Later, it was an
extramarital love acquaintance I met while playing with a group of friends. His
appearance suddenly made me feel that the void in my heart was filled. We did
have a happy time between us, but even then I understood that this is just a
kind of evil fate that cannot be cultivated into a righteous fruit. I have a
family, he also has a family, and we don’t want to organize ourselves. The idea
of marriage coming together.

Will my affair partner miss me? How to say
something like this? Passion
and enthusiasm
can only be maintained for a relatively short time limit,
and when the freshness has passed, the two gradually faded. I was guilty of my
husband, and when I was with two men at the same time, I also found some
shining points in him, such as: a sense of responsibility, a sense of
responsibility, etc, which are lacking in extramarital love.

In fact, he was
just a little dull, and it was not that he didn’t love me. Later, he made up
his mind to break contact with his lover and return to the family. The good
news is that not long ago, my husband seemed to have suddenly become
acquainted, and he started to treat me better. I think marriage and partner are
the key elements that can give me the stability and happiness that I want.
Since then, I have completely abandoned my nostalgia for my former lover and
spent my life with him wholeheartedly.

2. Ms. Gong

my affair partner miss me
? When my husband found out about his affair
before, I thought he would directly file for divorce with me. Anyway, I didn’t care
about him anyway. I thought it would be better to just tear my face and regain
freedom like this. But I didn’t expect him to say that he did something wrong
before, ignored my feelings, didn’t give me the life I wanted, and always
shouted at me to use me as a servant, asked me to return to the family, and
said he would never I will make changes for me in the future, not wanting our
hard-won family to be broken.

After hearing
this, I was very moved, thinking that he had really changed, so I reluctantly
broke up with the lover who was in a good condition. But only a few months
later, he started to become as indifferent and overbearing as before, because
he held the magic weapon of my derailment, and even used it to beat and punish
me at every turn, as if he was willing to forgive and re-accept. I am like
a great merit

Will my affair partner miss me? In fact, we could
get a divorce at first, and I didn’t long for his forgiveness and
re-acceptance. His attitude and practice are ridiculous enough, and a bit

I can see through
his nature. Although he doesn’t want to mention divorce, I don’t bother to
mention it, but I no longer resist my lover because of immorality. I still
contact him occasionally.

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