Will my affair partner miss me?3 effects answer you

he is thinking Will my affair partner miss me

For the word
“love”, the focus is different before and after marriage. The love of
some couples used to be really romantic, but in the end they lost to the dismal
marriage. Perhaps, it’s not that you don’t love each other deeply, but you may
encounter accidents no matter how deeply you love each other. Will my affair partner miss me?3 effects answer you.

Will my affair partner
miss me?Nowadays, there are more and more
infidelities and extramarital affairs, almost without warning, it is not an
exaggeration to describe it as “accident”. Extramarital affairs have
become the
biggest change in marriage,
and a loss of heart is enough to trigger a
chain reaction, and then destroy the trust of the couple or the marriage. Only
those who have really broken their hearts will understand the taste of the

1. Psychological effects

Will my affair partner
miss me?From a psychological point of view,
there are many psychological effects in extramarital affairs. It is called
“effect” because certain psychological changes have nothing to do
with your intellect and you are not aware of it at all. However, in
subtle changes,
you will be able to slowly change your views on certain

For example, many people who have been cheated once did
not want to get a divorce, but wanted to save it. But at a certain point in
time, they may take the initiative to pursue divorce, more determined than
those who cheated. This is the role of psychological effects. Broadly speaking,
all behaviors of conditioned animals comply with certain psychological effects.

2. Initial effect and
loyalty effect

Will my affair partner
miss me?These two effects appear in pairs,
and the first effect is also called the “first effect”. Everyone
cares about the things they care about the most, usually the things they
encounter for the first time, just like first love, the deepest impression. Not
only limited to first love, everything is subject to the first effect. For
example, those
who have loved
for the first time, those who have been intimate for the
first time, and those who have hurt for the first time are all affected by the first
effect. Even the first derailment, the first idea of divorce, is also
affected by the initial effect.

These two effects tell us that if your lover cheats, you
have to use the same initial effect to deal with it, one treatment and reform.
If you punish the person for failing to correct the person the first time, then
the second time will be useless and you must change the method.

3. Inferiority complex
and see-saw effect

Will my affair partner miss me?In extramarital affairs,
the inferiority complex is very special. To put it in the vernacular, I would
rather be hated than pitiful! I would rather bear all the grievances myself
than let others know my humbleness! And the see-saw effect is a self-help
behavior of inferiority effect, which happens imperceptibly. While comforting
yourself, continue to feel inferior. Generally speaking, it is very rare for
people who do not feel inferior to feel inferior after their lover cheats. In
the same way, people who do not comfort themselves are rare.

Will my affair partner
miss me?However, these two effects will
cause people to deny themselves, see the saw back and forth, and then enter the
vicious circle of self-consciousness. Under normal circumstances, before the
person realizes that he has depression, his mind has collapsed prematurely.

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