Is he pulling away or breaking up? What is a true breakup?

he is kissing her for he pulling away or breaking up

Your inner
thoughts might be: “Does he want to abandon me? Want to break up with
me?” In fact, on this issue, you need to understand that true breakup is
by no means a temporary motive. If you think the other party just loses his
temper casually, you coax Just do it, just apologize, and promise that he
should turn around, then you must fail! So, is he pulling away or breaking up?
What is a true breakup?

A true breakup means that he really doesn’t want to be with you anymore, not because of impulsivity, temper
tantrums, etc. It is definitely not a temporary intention, but he has been
brewing for a long time. It was the result of his thoughtful thinking. Most of
the time, he had the idea of breaking up for a while, or even longer, but it
didn’t show it, or you didn’t notice it.

So, when he really decided to break up at this time, it
was after a long and possibly tangled ideological struggle that he had made the
decision after repeatedly weighing the pros and cons.

Therefore, you
must accept the reality that his decision to break
up was not formed in
a day or two, and naturally, it will not change
because of your one sentence, two sentences, a few apologies and guarantees. Is he pulling away or breaking up?
What is a true breakup?

Can a true breakup be restored?

Yes, as I said, as long as the other party is not dead,
there must be a chance. Today I want to make a point of view, that is, many
failures to recover are due to: emotional building walls. You have done a lot,
constantly trying to get close to the other person, trying to let the other
person see your changes, trying to attract the other person, but the other
person turns
a blind eye to you,
even getting colder and disgusted with you.

he pulling away or breaking up? This is precisely because the other party
has already “emotionally built a wall” for your salvation behavior.
Once the emotional wall is built, the other party will reflexively reject and
resist your contact, salvation and other behaviors, thereby automatically
shielding you. Some of the information and emotions that you sent to him after
you lost.

At this time, no matter how many redemptive acts we do,
it will be useless. Whatever you do, he will think that you did it to redeem
him. Is
he pulling away or breaking up?
Not only is it useless, but he will also
be disgusted. The most common situation occurs: you have done a lot of touching
and sincere things, but you can only touch yourself and disgust others.
Therefore, before you carry out the redemption operation, you must break the
opponent’s “emotional wall” to have a chance of redemption. This is
also the first step in redemption and the prerequisite for everything.

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