Why praise is important of matching energy in relationships?

he kissed her for her prais matching energy in relationships

American psychologist James said: “The most ardent
need of human nature is the desire to be affirmed.” Affirmation and praise
will make the person feel needed, and it is a way of gaining a sense of value,
satisfaction, belonging and identity. Effective way.
Why praise is
important of matching energy in relationships?

And in the intimate relationship between the sexes, the role of praise and
praise is even more unexpected. I call it “spring wind and rain”,
which is to have a positive and positive effect on the spouse in the good
interaction bit by bit, so that he will be better.
Why praise is
important of matching energy in relationships?
Let you benefit,
let each other’s emotions warm up.

1. Gain
self-esteem and affirmation
of matching energy in relationships

Self-esteem is an emotional experience of self-respect,
self-love, and self-respect generated and formed by an individual based on
self-evaluation, and requires respect from others, the collective and the
society. To put it simply, the feelings and assessments of self and others’
self-worth. People with high self-esteem are usually sunny and self-confident, good
at expressing their ideas,
and are more able to get close to others
of matching
energy in relationships
; people with low self-esteem are passive
and depressed, only promises, full of doubts about the world, always feel that
life is too tired, it is difficult to be the world sure. Social psychology
believes that the two ways for humans to establish self-esteem are to allow
individuals to have their own successful experience in controlling the
environment, and to allow others to have a positive evaluation of themselves.
If you praise your boyfriend, he will feel that you are affirming and
respecting him, and he will be more positively motivated
of matching
energy in relationships

2. Make your
lover’s expectations come true
matching energy in relationships

There is a phenomenon in psychology called the Pygmalion
effect, which refers to people’s expectations or predictions based on the perception
of a certain situation, which will make the situation adapt to this expectation
or prediction. That is to say, people’s emotions, ideas and behaviors will be
affected subconsciously by others to varying degrees. As a kind of
psychological enlightenment, your praise, praise, and desire will become a kind
of psychological hint, allowing the expected to do what you expect with the
help of invisible power. This is an imperceptible force. Effectively exerting
its positive effects can make the other half the way you expect.

3. Value
recognition, meeting needs
of matching energy in relationships

From a psychological point of view, if a person wants to
be praised, they need to be affirmed by value. The three feelings that support our survival are the sense of value,
control and presence. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, people
have five levels of needs: physiological needs, safety needs, emotional needs,
respect needs, and self-realization needs.

When a person’s basic needs are fulfilled, he will hope
for other needs to be met. At this time, you praise and affirm the other half,
and you will make the other person feel that the need for respect and
self-worth is fulfilled, thereby inspiring his boyfriend’s power and in order
to maintain this psychological support, he will work hard to do well according
to your ideas
of matching energy in relationships.

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